Is there really a Chunnel?

The Belgium is actually a universal but vague measurement of area.

Without the Belgium as this unit of measurement we would have no idea of,-

How much rainforest is cut down every year.

How much Canadian pine forest is replanted every yer.

How big some US forest fires have been.

How big some Australian ranches are.

How large some of the recent super-icebergs are(this is vital knowledge as it might give us a clue about global warming)

I’m sure there are others.

Without the Belgium the UK would have had to find differant reasons to join WWI or postpone the event possibly until the rematch in 1939.

Without the Belgium we would probably have had to make do with the Wales which is still used to this day by Brits opposed to metrication.

There is too a Belgium.

I know, because I can speak Belch.

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