Is there really a Chunnel?

This thread and this thread and the Fox special “documentary” on the moon landing got me thinking. What other big construction projects might be hoaxes.

The Chunnel comes to mind. How do we really know that there’s a tunnel under the English Channel? Maybe the pictures are faked. Maybe all the people who worked on the project lied about it.

I did some research on the subject. You can find the results of my research here at my Great Chunnel Hoax web page.

How do we know that there is really a Hoover Dam? Any other hoaxes that can be revealed right here on the SDMB? We are fighting ignorance, after all.

I do find it slightly suspect that King Poseidon tore himself away from his troubles with Ariel to give you a quote, but I suppose “The Chunnel” would give him enough of a reason.

Did he have anything to say about releasing the Kraken?

I think the Chunnel exists, but I think that France is a hoax. I reckon it takes you to a channel island where they speak a made up language.

Are you suggesting that the Chunnel actually goes to Belgium? That’s just silly. Everybody knows that there’s no Belgium.

Foolish deluded one! Most certainly the Chunnel exists, for it was built by the Knights Templar. This I KNOW!

Oh, and Belgium has to exist, because it makes excellent chocolate.

Oh yeah? So then name 10 famous Belgians.

You can’t, can you?

Let’s see . . .

  1. Hercules Poirot. Oh, wait he’s a fictional character. Makes one think, doesn’t it?

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I can!

There’s Jim and Bobby and Alice and Fred and Stewie and Patrick and Scott and Steve and Conrad… um… that’s only nine isn’t it? Okay! I’m stumped.

Then where do my waffles come from?

King Albert or whatever his name was, the guy who led the Belgian army against the Germans in WWI and croaked moutain climbing later.

I bleeding well hope so. If not, that was a very realistic reconstruction of a tunnel that I travelled through last November, and the fake Paris set was very convincing too.

Famous Belgians: Enzo Scifo, Joos Vaelgaeren, the Singing Nun, Plastic Bertrand.

Jean-Claude Van Damme
Heironymous Bosch
Liz Claiborne
Father Damien
King Leopold III
Rene Magritte
Peter Paul Rubens
Adolphe Sax

Nope, I can’t get to 10 either. And it is Hercule Poirot.

Well, we’ve already proved conclusively that Delaware does not exist.

If they could impose a conspiracy as large as the fictional Delaware on us, the Chunnel and the Moon Landing are small potatos. I didn’t realize about Belgum, though. That’s a good one.

Holland is still real, right?


Hello… ?

[sub]Cue Pink Floyds “Is there anybody out there?”[/sub]

I cannot believe the friendly Eurostar people lied to me…and the fake Paris…and the fake Louvre…I am so disillusioned…I haven’t cried this much since Wham broke up…

(yes, I’ve been on it 3 times. It’s neat, but it’s also a yawner at the same time.)

Does this mean the BART train doesn’t really run underneath San Francisco Bay either???

Jean Marie Paff–sp?-- 9 to go. Are you sure there are more than 10 belgians on this planet? :smiley:

James Ensor
and Herge.

There, we’re at 11.

Of course there’s a Chunnel. The Beloved and I have been in it.

We got on the train in Paris, and away we went.

I remember we were reading, and they we went into this dark part - that was the Chunnel.

Then we fell asleep.

When we woke up, we were in London - no fuss, no muss, except for the little red puncture marks the Beloved and I each had on our arms.

Hey, wait a minute…