Is there really nothing to Diet Rite?? (Sorta Factual Question)

Anyone taken a look at the ingredients in Diet Rite? There is nothing. Carbonated Water, Caramel Color, and Sucralose (Splendia Brand). Thats what is in it. No calories, no fat, no sodium, no carbs an no protein. No nutritional sources either.

But it tastes sooo good. I don’t understand it.

How can it be so tasty and be absolutely empy?

Well, sucralose is sugar modified to be indigestable but still taste like sugar. It contains no calories your body is capable of using, so the soda can truthfully claim to be a non-caloric food.

So it’s got that going for it.

As for the cola flavor, I don’t know. It would be listed under ‘artificial flavorings’ or similar, and without it Diet Rite would just be sweetened seltzer water.

There is no such thing as cola flavor in itself. Cola is a mixture of flavors – vanilla, citrus and spices. Cola adds nothing to the flavor.

“Artificial and natural flavors” would cover that part of it.

That’s not entirely accurate. The name “cola” comes from the kola nut, which was the flavoring and the source of caffeine for the original Coca-Cola formula. Although many (if not most) so-called cola beverages do simulate kola flavor with vanilla, citrus flavors, cinnamon and other spices, it is still used to flavor some beverages, such as Barr’s Kola in the UK. Wikipedia claims Coca-Cola still uses kola flavoring, but I have my doubts.