Is there software that will compare directories on unconnected computers?

A year or so ago when my laptop got recalled by my employer, I took my MP3 archive and transfered it to my computer at work. I have since got a new computer at home, and copied all my files back to my home machine. I haven’t kept both copies current though, and now I have some music on each one that is not on the other. Is there any way to do a comparisson between the file contents of two unconnected machines? I’m imagining something that will scan the folders I specify on one machine, make a note of all the file names, then scan the second machine and compare the two, giving me a report of the differences between them. Is this realistic?

If you’re comfortable using the command line, you could use a cmp (comparison) tool on the directory output of the two machines. (You might be able to find a GUI cmp program).

In a nutshell:
Open the Windows Command Prompt on the first machine
CD to the directory with the MP3s (“cd c:\mymusic” or whatever)
Type “dir /s >a:\mymp3s.txt” to copy your directory listing to a floppy disk.
Take your floppy to the other computer and repeat the process (using a different file name).
Use your cmp program to see the difference between the two.

Windows contains in the Accessories folder the Synchronization Manager, which is intended to keep a mobile laptop computer files sync’d with your main PC.

There is also the Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 software. This is a free download ( It appears to be an updated product to do the same kind of syncing, but set to only work with recent Microsoft products.

Either of these might do what you want.