Is there something I can eat to make me less nauseous?

I haven’t been feeling good all day. Above all, I’ve been feeling nauseous and, consequently, I haven’t eaten much of anything. I should clarify that it’s not a serious nausea that makes me feel like I’m going to throw up, but rather a minor nausea and total lack of appetite.

Is there something I can eat that will likely make me less nauseous?

Peppermints or ginger beer or both.

My wife used to squeeze a few drops of lemon juice into her hands and inhale them when she suffered from morning sickness. She thought it helped.

Ginger ale and saltines are traditional. I find they do settle my stomach.

When you eat certain things, you make people sick?


Some clinical studies have shown ginger to be helpful in reducing nausea. Ginger beer or ginger ale helps some, others take a bit of pickled ginger (as for sushi) and put it between cheek and gum. Others use Altoids’ new “ginger mint” flavor.

Me, I just like the taste of ginger. But Mrs. Mercotan thinks it has helped her with queasiness.

I’ve heard that mass-market ginger ale does not contain enough ginger to work, and that its nausea relief is a placebo effect. True, or not true?

Well, nausea can be caused by low blood sugar, which would be helped by corn syrup, or by excess stomach acid, which can be neutralized by carbonation, so even mass-market ginger ale without ginger could help with some cases and not be “placebo effect”.

But you’re right that a real ginger ale, with sugar, carbonation and real ginger extract, covers more bases.

For some of us growing up, Tina Louise, pickled or not, put it between cheek and gum, would certainly cure any nausea.


You’re on to something with the carbonation. I used to buy mineral water which had a bit of natural carbonation in it. Stuff was like a natural Alka-Seltzer-- fizzy with a hint of a salty/mineral taste. I kept it for when I was feeling nauseated, and man, it worked like a charm. Unfortunately, I can’t find it any more.

Bread helps sometimes, too, possibly by absorbing stomach acids. Saltine crackers are an old favorite for this-- ten million pregnant women can’t be wrong.

I used to suffer horribly from nausea induced by my birth control. Things that have helped me:

– A sip of beer. (Salt, yeast, carbonation . . )
– A peppermint candy.
–Emetrol (An OTC nausea remedy. It’s a thick cherry syrup.)
– Drammamine (OTC motion sickness medication)

Dad used to give me Coca Cola syrup (i.e., the syrup without the carbonated water) when I was nauseated as a child.

Or peppermint tea or ginger tea. If you can’t find ginger tea, you can make it yourself fron fresh ginger; here’s one recipe.

Saltines work great for me. They seem to soak up a lot of stomach acid. I also find Chicken Soup easy to eat and keep down when I my acid reflux is acting up.
Saltines are also a standard issue for the Navy in rough weather.


Saltines and coke classic do it for me.

Ginger altoids work by just inhaling the scent a couple of times.

Instead of saltines, I like Cheerios when I am nauseated. They’re mild like saltines but slightly less salty and I think the nostalgia helps too. I also find sips of cranberry juice help settle my stomach.

Even if it’s true, so what? Your nausea is still gone. Does it matter whether it was a placebo that did it?

Drink a raw egg.



Less nauseous. Less.


I don’t know, if I’m nauseated, I usually feel better after I’ve chundered.

Emetrol - Drugstores will have it.