Is there such a thing a "rare resin"? Re: Mont Blanc pens.

This thread made me ask the question:

I’ve been on a number of overseas flights where the magazine in the seat pocket tries to sell you overpriced stuff through their “Duty Free” service. Of course, there are always a couple of Mont Blanc pens for sale at outrageous prices. I’ve seen them described as being made of “rare resin”. I was never aware that there was ever anything “rare” in relation to resin. Isn’t resin just another commodity, sort of like wheat and pork bellies? What’s the SD?

I wouldn’t mind owning a nice Mont Blanc pen but if they are going to advertise deceptively then they can GFT.

Amber is a “rare resin”, in a way, and Mont Blanc does make a pen with a Amber barrel. I have a friend who REALLLY wants one.

There is nothing intrinsically rare about resin, but Mont Blanc could have some propriatory formulas only available through them. That hinges on the wording of the contract MB’s supplier made with them in that regard. I, and thousands of others, have access to resins used in setting up blanks from which the pens will be made. They are rare only in that the consumer doesn’t know where to get them, and probably not know what to do with them if he does get them.

“Resin” can mean a polymer, and polymers can be unique if you want. I know several people who have made many polymers that nobody has made before. In a way it is like building a unique building or planting a unique garden - these things can be complicated, and there are myriad ways of creating a little difference here or there.

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Historically, resins have been among the most valuable and rare commodities in the world. You ever wonder what Frankensensce and Myyrh are (sp?)? They are aromatic resins that are burned for religious ceremonies and at one time their value rivaled that of gold.