Is there such a thing as a notebook computer with an ergonomic keyboard?

I am considering getting a laptop/notebook computer at work but I have tendonitis in both wrists which means I have to use a trackball mouse and ergonomic keyboard.

Although I could continue using the ergo keyboard and mouse when I’m docked here at work, if I got the standard issue laptop they give here, whenever I worked away from my desk, I’d be stuck with the itty bitty non-ergo laptop keyboard which would mean mucho pain for the wrists and could lead to carpal tunnel if I do it too much.

So, I’m wondering if anyone makes a laptop/notebook computer that has the ergonomic “split” keyboard?

My company generally uses Dell products but I didn’t see one listed there. If I can find one, I might be able to persuade IT to get me something non-standard.

For what it’s worth, I remember that IBM released an incarnation of the thinkpad with a keyboard that would somehow “unfold” when it was opened.

Well, that’s a start. So far all I’ve been able to find is a fold-out keyboard for your hand-held and I don’t think that would work for a laptop. Or maybe it would…I can’t tell from the website.

I am currently on hold with Dell to see if they make such a thing. Thanks, mikerovave!