Is there such a thing as a skin safe shaver

I have a mole on my face that is making it hard to shave around it. I need to get it removed eventually, but for now I’m wondering if there are any kinds of shavers that will cut around it without cutting into it.

I looked at the lawnmower which is a male shaver advertised on TV as skin safe, but a lot of reviews say that that isn’t accurate.

You could try a rotary shaver; it’s not dependent on scraping an edge across your face, it only cuts what can get inside the rotary head.

I’ll second that, and advise that it’s wise to keep the shaver clean and the blades sharp. Otherwise, it becomes a hair-plucker rather than a shaver (YOWCHIES).

Electric shavers are advised for anyone with shaving to do and medical reasons to strongly avoid nicks/cuts (the immunocompromised, f’rinstance). Sounds like you’re in that boat.

Another vote for a rotary shaver. Either that, or one with foils. Both have the blades encased under the thin metal so they only thing they can cut are things that can get through the small slots. This is unlike, say, a reciprocating beard trimmer. I use that with no guard to get a very close trim, but it can certainly nick you if you’re not careful.

IIRC, dermatologists will recommend rotary/foil shavers for teens with bad acne for the same reason.

I heard recently that using shampoo rather than gel or foam will protect the skin from cuts. Might be worth a try to put a little dab of shampoo on the mole when you shave. Or maybe use one of these little trimmers for that area, I have used one of these for years and it has never cut or pinched me.

I have an old foil shaver I don’t normally use, that seemed to work to get the hair off the mole without any nicks or cuts.

I don’t know if a rotary shaver is better, because it took several tries with the foil shaver to get the hair off.

I’ve used a rotary shaver almost exclusively since I started shaving; I had bad acne when I was a teenager, and I’ve nearly never had an issue with rotary razors cutting or nicking any of the various bumps on my skin.

OTOH, I did try a foil razor for a year or so, and that did get caught on bumps more than once, and gave me some nasty cuts. Rotaries probably don’t give as close of a shave, but I think that that’s the trade-off you’d have to consider making.