Is there such a thing as "romantic drama" anymore?

Bummer! None of mine (Post #2) made this list. I guess Thriller, Film Noir and other such labels beat out whatever romance was involved in the list I gave.

I have indeed. Rick’s relationship with Renault has more depth and realism to it than his relationship with Ilsa. Maybe I see it that way because I really hated Isla.

I’m not into rom-coms or Sparks-type dramatic romances (I’d rather see The Raid than Dear John) but I thought the recent romantic fantasy The Age of Adeline was pretty good. You have to be able to just go with the central fantasy premise (woman stops aging for several decades) to enjoy it. It would drive realism nitpickers insane.

One potential Oscar contender that comes out later this year, Carol, is a romantic drama.

I love Casablanca and have seen it many times and have never thought of it as a “romance”. The fact that Rick and Ilsa had a romance in the past is secondary to the letters of transit/adventure part of the movie for me. I quite disliked the character of Ilsa from the first time I watched it.

The letters of transit are, to use a Hitchcock term, a McGuffin–of no real importance except to frame the story on. The real story is the love triangle: Rick, Ilsa, Victor. But the conflict isn’t about Who gets Whom but what one is willing to give up for Love, and (perhaps) for a cause that’s something greater. Rick’s bromance with Renault is a nice little accent, but is not what the movie’s about either. It is unquestionably a Romance, because everybody’s hearts and residual feelings complicate the proceedings, and all the motivations and resolutions are tied explicitly to them. Love is front and center.

I think some may not appreciate the romance factor of Casablanca because not only is Rick & Ilsa’s relationship only shown in flashback, it’s only shown in **1940s flashbacks! **IOW you couldn’t show passionate romance on-screen much at all back then, so the ‘intense’ passion has to be ‘subtlety’ inferred.