Is there such a thing as "romantic drama" anymore?

I was watching Casablanca yesterday, and a though occurred to me: is this genre dead? Are all movie romances now part of the “rom-com” genre, and not part of a dramatic plot?

I don’t know how restricted you want to have “romantic drama” defined, but I can recall a good many things I would label that way. A few examples:

Body Heat (1981)
Gotham (1988)
The Hot Spot (1990)
The Last Seduction (1994)

I would definitely throw out Body Heat – there’s no genuine romance there, only one person using another to advance her nefarious scheme.
Not familiar with the others.

I would add The Notebook, though.

A lot of costume dramas would probably qualify. Two I’ve seen recently were Far from the Madding Crowd and A Little Chaos. Both had more drama than comedy and definitely a lot of romance.

I was re-watching “Lone Star” for the umpteenth time just tonight and when my wife asked me what it was about my best simplistic description was “romantic murder-mystery”.

It is about far more than that but certainly the central romantic thread is central to the plot and beautifully played.

It also has the bonus of containing one of cinemas best baddies in Kris Kristofferson’s Charlie Wade.

That seems apropos – you could describe Casablanca as “romantic international intrigue”.

If you’re adding The Notebook, there are tons of movies that fall into the romantic-drama category:
・One Day
・The Lake House
・Before Sunrise trilogy
・The Bridges of Madison County
…just to name a few off the top of my head.

When you mentioned Casablanca as an example of movie with romance and a “dramatic plot”, I thought you were looking for movies more like these:
・The Last of the Mohicans
・Legends of the Fall
・Far and Away

You don’t hear the term romantic drama because most of the time the movie is referred to as a “chick flick.”

Romantic dramas are all over the place. The Fault In Our Stars being the most recent one I’ve watched. Couple falling in love? check. Dramatic story line? check. Personal tragedy? check.

Also Safe Haven and probably the entire Sparks oeuvre (I imagine)

So-called ‘romantic dramas’ are everywhere today, and never went away. Any film that has romance and isn’t comedy or action is one. The difference is simply that the term ‘romantic drama’ is never used in advertising anymore. It’s too antiquated a description for today’s modern moviegoers. Films will either be called a ‘romance’ or a ‘rom-com’, both of which tend to mean chick flick, but ‘romantic drama’ has too soap-opera-ey a sound to it. Calling it that wouldn’t just mean ‘chick flick’ it would mean a film for your grandparents*!*

Or “melodrama”, which carries a bunch of derogatory baggage.

From the above responses, though, I think that the genre is around, but examples are a bit sparse – and they’re also not very good, not very popular (except Titanic) and not critically acclaimed. Certainly no “Casablancas” in the lot.

Blue Jasmine.

Once is fantastic. Seriously, just watch it. I don’t even particularly like romantic movies, to be honest, and I can’t stand musicals, but damn if they didn’t knock it out of the park.

Seems like everytime I idley scroll through the channels, there’s a romantic drama on channels like Lifetime or Hallmark. I think they’re made for TV movies, but you didn’t specify big budget.

They probably all became romantic comedies because men generally don’t like romantic dramas and movie producers don’t want to alienate ~48% of their potential audience.

I don’t understand why Casablanca is considered a romance. You may as well call The Ice Harvest a romance as Casablanca.

:confused: Have you seen Casablanca?

I honestly never thought of Casablanca as primarily a romance either. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I think there’s a trend nowadays to downplay the term “drama” when describing movies of any sort. I think a lot of producers put one joke into a drama and then sell it as a comedy. Seriously… I’m pretty sure Trainspotting and Hope Floats are both being sorted into the comedy section somewhere. (Yes, apparently so… Wikipedia starts with “Trainspotting is a dark comedy drama…” :smack: )

The first result when I googled “romantic drama” was this list that someone put together on IMDb of 156 movies from the past few decades. I’m not sure all of them unequivocally fall into that category, but at least some of them surely do.

Not a romance?

“Of all the gin joints in all the towns in the world, she walks into mine”

“We’ll always have Paris”.

When I have time, I’ll throw Rick’s airport speech onto the pile.