Is there such thing as a digital/film camera?

Back when I was in high school photography class - this would have been around 2002, when digital SLRs were really still at an early stage - I remember our teacher telling us, “there are some cameras that shoot digital and film.” I can’t remember if those were the exact words she used. Maybe it was something like “there are digital cameras that can also take film.”

To this day, I have never heard of such a thing. Unless she was talking about digital backs for film cameras, but she didn’t say anything about that specifically.

Were dual film/digital SLR cameras ever made?

Yeah, IIRC the expensive large format cameras had replaceable backs, and several were monstrous (for he time) backs with 20Mp or 40Mp. Hasselblad is the big name for these. Typically, you were spending n the $10,000 range to get this sort of camera configuration.

I have never seen a hybrid in the SLR or consumer markets, and I was quite into digital cameras when they first became available.

Medium format cameras like the Mamiya 645 line can also take both digital and film backs. I don’t think there are any 35mm-sized SLRs with interchangeable backs, though I could be wrong.

There was a company talking about “digital film” that would drop in like a regular roll of film in existing film cameras, but they were all vaporware and never produced anything.

The original Kodak DCS cameras were Nikon SLR bodies with a Kodak digital back. The cameras were probably not completely stock, but they weren’t very different from the film versions.

I had a Polaroid that shot digital and film (I remember it used Polaroid 500 film instead of the more popular 600). If you liked the digital image, you pushed a button and the print came out.

This wasn’t the PoGo, which had a built-in printer. This used actual Polaroid film.

About 15 years ago, someone was making noise about developing a digital back for the Minolta X-700, which greatly intrigued me as I had an X-700 at the time. The X-700 had a readily removed back - there was an option for a “data” back that would print time and date and maybe something short like your name on the edges of the neg.

Sadly, nothing ever became of the digital back. I think “real” digital cameras were starting to hit a critical mass in the market and this thing would have been a niche item at best.