Is this a better way to get drunk?

Many thanks to pkbites for his experiment about fermenting sugar water

And yes, I am under age. Why do you think I don’t know the answers to my many booze questions?:wink:
Heres a new one: Is it possible to get drunk (meaning intoxicated on alcohol) by injecting the alcohol directly into your blood stream? Assuming we’re using “pure” alcohol (like Everclear).

Would this be safe? (I’m talking “pure” alcohol, not beer or whiskeye). I’m also talking about injecting the same exact amount that one would have to drink to get drunk. Would this prevent the puking I see so many drunks do?

If it’s possible, and reasonably safe, would it be legal? If one is of legal age to drink booze, would it be legal for them to inject it?

My scenario would be, instead of a person spending hours and $$$ drinking beer just to get a buzz, they could inject a few ounces of pure alcohol, get drunk immediately, and save bucco bucks.
Has this ever been tried? If it’s not safe/possible, why not?

Hey Hayduke:

It is hard to stress just how stupid injecting pure alcohol into the bloodstream would be. Why do we use alcohol as a disinfectant?
Because it kills germs. Why does alcohol sting on a cut? Because it also kills cells. Injecting PGA into a vein would cause intense pain, eventual sclerosis of the vein, and if you were lucky, and it would be dilute enough by the time it hit your heart and lungs that it would not kill you.

First off, Everclear isn’t “pure” alcohol, it’s around 180 proof IIRC. Two hundred proof alcohol, as far as I know, would not stay confined to a liquid state.

Now, about that injecting alcohol thing…I’m not quite sure how the mods will feel about this question. Yes, it’s possible, no it isn’t safe, or practical for that matter. Do NOT try this.

Yes, it has been done (see the Steve-O video.)

I have no idea regarding the legality but I would guess that it is probably legal.

Also note that some people don’t drink beer just to get drunk. There are those of us that actually like the taste :slight_smile:

But what’s the difference if the alcohol enters the blood directly or through the stomach? I’m just curious, I do not intend to try this, so posts trying to talk me out of it are a waste.

The speed of the absorbtion. Through the stomach is like sipping. Through a vein is like instantaneous.

The effects of alcohol are the same whether injected or ingested as alcohol enters the bloodstream unmodified when taken orally.
The reason PGA is only around 180 proof is that that is the percentage of alcohol in water as a aziotrope solution. In order to easily get a higher percentage of alcohol (about 98%) the minimally boiling aziotrope is a mixture of alcohol and benzene and the benzene will kill you.

Thought I heard some rock star on MTV saying that they would mainline some form of commercial liquor to come down from their high.

Seems like it would HURT big time.

I was kinda curious about putting it in an ultra sonic humidifier and breathing it???

EverClear is 190 proof (95% alcohol), and while it’s an insane idea, It’s still a legit question, so I hope the Mods allow it. I mean, what would happen? Then again, what would happen if you injected cooking oil or an egg yolk into your arm.(Hey, I keep my experiments to fermenting sugar water, that’s the limit!) How bored does one have to be to think this shit up? Is Hayduke representive of his age group?:eek:
Most important: What is the "steve-O video?:confused:?

JUST CURIOUS - this does not sound like a good idea either

I don’t have a cite, but I distinctly remember a news article a few years ago about schoolgirls somewhere who soaked tampons in vodka and inserted them. Apparently the school was cracking down on drinking that was taking place in the girls’ restroom between classes. They were administering frequesnt breath checks and preventing loitering in the bathroom. This method worked nicely because their breath (at least until the alcohol got metabolized) was clean and nobody thought twice about the girl in the stall putting in a tampon.

IANA Doctor, but I presume that for males a similar procedure via the rectum would result in alcohol being absorbed into the bloodstream. I don’t recommend either of these methods, and I can’t comment much on what the side effects would be. I would think it would have caused some wicked yeast infections, killing off the beneficial bacteria.

Why? To my knowledge there are no pain receptors inside the veins.

Steve-O is one of the guys from Jackass. He does most of the stuff that makes the other guys look like pussies. In his own personal video he hooks himself up to an IV drip of vodka and goes walking around town.

Yes you could achieve intoxication by intravenous infusion of a solution containing some alcohol. In fact that is a method used in some research into alcoholism so that levels of intoxication are maintained.

Pure alcohol would kill lots of cells on contact and in fact Dr Moniz did his first lobotomies by drillling holes in the head and injecting alcohol into patients brains.

Just to labour the obvious, don’t do that to yourself either.

>>Why? To my knowledge there are no pain receptors inside the veins. <<

Guess I’m just a whimp, any shot hurts to me.

Soaked …their tampons…in alcohol…and inserted them?!:eek: And I thought I had came up with astrange idea!

It sounds like a very effective way to kill yourself to me. A shot of one fluid once of 40% will kill; you’re talking about 100%.

Don’t try it!


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