Is this a crime scene, careless accident or something more sinister?

When I left for work at about 9:30AM Monday morning and noticed that several of our city issued trash carts were missing. As I drove through the gate I also noticed that one of the carts that remained had been burnt and melted. Not like a little burnt, but liquefied to the point that it had almost completely turned into a plastic puddle.

Owners of the condos and tenets in the rentals report seeing nothing the night before, but it must have been some intense heat and fire to cause this type of damage and what happened to the other trash carts?

The parking lot has a remote controlled gate so it figures that someone in the building or guests must have some involvement…unless it has something to do with alien mutilation of and the abduction of trash carts.

I joke, but wouldn’t it take some sort of accelerant to melt a big strong city cart and turn it into a puddle?

I wanted to post this in General Questions or Sweet Home Chicago, but did not think it was a perfect fit.

Assorted trash can burn fairly hot, oddly enough. Back when I was working for Oakleaf Waste Management, we dealt with clients needing replacements for flaming trash containers. There is a subset of random people who think setting stuff on fire is amusing. :confused::rolleyes::dubious: So a trash can damaged or destroyed is not particularly unusual. Plastic melts fairly well, anyway.

Creeeepy! I agree that it sounds like “amusement arson” type vandalism. But what of the missing carts? That would take some effort & ours roll sort of loud…And how do you transport those things anywhere w/o being noticed?

My guess is, they’ve hidden them in hilarious (dumb) spots around the area/complex and they’ll start to turn up in odd places in the area. Or they took them for more kindling.

I imagine those buggers aren’t cheap either. Please keep us up to date on the mystery!

The weather was nice. Perhaps someone used their charcoal grill and tossed the hot coals in the trash. It is not unusual and it would get the trash hot enough to melt the can.

I inspected the area this afternoon and I do not think the other trash carts are missing…they were completely melted into a large puddle of plastic. You can see the remains from at least four destroyed carts.

That creeps me the hell out.