Lazy douchebag tenants

Dear lazy douchebag tenants down the hall from me:

You are not the only one that lives in this building. As such, the garbage room is not yours personally. Therefore, stop throwing your shit all over the floor when you have shit to throw out. And get some fucking properly sized bags for your kitchen waste. Kitchen bags, not giant oversized fucking leaf bags, because when you try and stuff those down the chute, you apparently give it the merest nudge with a finger and when it won’t go down, you leave it there, reeking of whatever you scraped off your plates for the last week, stuffed into the chute for the next person to have to have to try and shove down the chute – like me, you lazy pricks.

But the coup de grace? What really made me realize the extent of your weapons-grade douchnozzliness? When you brought that shopping cart into the building (which is against the rules anyway). I know you did because I rode up in the same elevator as you, squeezing past the damn thing. But you know, it wasn’t so much the bringing of the cart into the building – I’ve seen several people do that and while I think it’s a douchey thing to do, it’s not that uncommon. No, I know you know it’s against the rules and you’ll get in shit for it. Know how I know? Because we got off at the same floor. I saw you go into your apartment, you saw me go into mine. When I go out of my apartment next time to put some garbage down the chute, you parked the fucking cart beside my door as if to try and frame me for bringing into the building.

Bet you didn’t like it when I wheeled it over and parked it in front of your door, did did you? Put a stop to that shit, didn’t it? I mean, how the fuck could you not have seen that coming? did you think I wouldn’t know who did it? No. Next time you just parked it in front of someone else’s door. Well, on that tenant’s behalf, I wheeled the fucker back to your door again. And when you figured people must know it’s you by now and started parking it in front of the elevators? Back to your fucking door again.

Seriously. Cut this shit out. You’re just being lazy assholes and pretty much the whole floor knows it now. But you still pull the shit with your garbage. Maybe I should park that in front of your door too.

Bringing a shopping cart into your building is against the rules? Why? Are we talking about the kind from a supermarket, or the two-wheeled kind that little old ladies use? If the former – the supermarket lets you take them home?

I’m little confused.

But leaving something like that in the hallway? Definitely verboten in my building. (Fire codes.)

Supermarket shopping carts – and no, they aren’t supposed to take them from the lots, but people do anyway. Many of the carts have those automatic wheel locks on them if they pass beyond their wireless zone, but not all of them do; some are the stick-a-quarter-in-to-unlock sort which people have long since found out how to get the quarter back without locking them with other carts, and those are usually the ones people steal to bring into the building. (Some managed to find old school carts too with no locks or mechanisms) But besides the fact that they’re stealing the carts (thus being illegal in its own right), the apartment building specifically forbids them in the building as well.

I’m sure we have have fire code issues about stuff left in the hallway as well, so I suppose they’re a triple douche on that issue alone.

This is probably a stupid question, but why are they bringing the carts inside?

Generally two reasons from what I can see:

  1. They went shopping and bought more than they can carry and couldn’t afford to/didn’t want to call a cab (and didn’t have their own personal cart), or,

  2. They went shopping and were too damn lazy to carry anything.

I’ve honestly seen a family of four bring in a shopping cart with half a dozen bags in it, which they could all have easily carried between them.

Well if it was me, I’d be getting into that garbage room and retrieving the garbage. Y’know to put in the grocery cart which I’d be putting back in front of their front door. Not beside, or near, in front of.

And I’d leave a note.

“Can’t resist bringing in a grocery cart?, Then take it back out yourself and quit leaving it in the way of others. Also, either get the correct sized garbage bags or prepare for more ‘returns’. You’re not fooling anyone and your neighbours would greatly appreciate it if you’d kindly grow the freak up already, you’ve used up all the patience we have for this crap. Don’t do it again!”

Isn’t there someone you can report them to?

I did, in fact – right across their doorstep, so there was no mistaking the fact that this wasn’t just wheeled out of the way and it just happened to be by their apartment, and was put there as a way of saying “I know it’s you, cut the crap.”

They’ve actually gotten better at the shopping cart thing, actually; I see it very rarely, and I actually saw the woman of the house bringing it back down in the elevator. They probably just left it outside the building instead of actually taking it back where it belongs, but it’s an improvement, at least.

Oh, I want to leave a note. Problem is there are two douches on the floor who throw crap in the garbage room that either doesn’t belong there or is too big to go down the chute, and I know who both are, but I’m not 100% sure which one of them is pulling the giant orange leaf bag stunt. It’s probably the shopping cart pricks, but I want to be sure before I call them on their shit.

Yes. Unfortunately they’re useless as tits on a boar. There aren’t any cameras on the floors themselves so unless they catch them in the act (and they never will) the most they’ll do is write a generic “please be considerate” notice and paste it by the elevators on each floor. Me, I’d be a little more selective with my wording…

I’d smash the cart to bits and weld the pieces over his door like a cage.

I’d like to know where the hell you live where people are not only bringing shopping carts into the building, but it’s such a problem that management has to have a specific policy against it.
Granted it’s not like I live in the Ritz. But I’ve lived in a lot of apartments ranging from roach-infested, shag-carpeted hellholes to solidly middle class, and I’ve never seen anyone drag a shopping cart on to the property

It’s because the buildings in this area are directly behind a mid-sized shopping mall and directly across the street from a very large superstore. It’s incredibly convenient for pretty much everything – which unfortunately includes bringing shopping carts home.

They used to have metal poles at the entrances to the two main walkways that led to the buildings, which made the passage too narrow to fit shopping carts through. Unfortunately it also made the passage too narrow for wheelchairs and electric scooters too, so they had to remove them for accessibility purposes.

Sounds like you live in a friggin’ ghetto.

Forget the wussy note deal someone suggested. That will cause the redneck that lives in the apartment building that’s doing this to run over you with their F150.

Does the cart have the stores name on it? Maybe you can drop the dime on these people, especially if there’s more than one offender. If not, and you know whose cart it is, take photos and email it to the store.

As for the garbage chute, have you ever been in the room when they are doing this? Just videotape them with your phone and send it to the property manager.

I wanna know how many square feet are in a douchebag… cause if the cost per square foot are low enough I might consider moving…

When I was in my late teens, I got an apartment that was in a complex adjacent to a large shopping center that included a drug store and a grocery store. While I never actually took a grocery cart from the shopping center, I often saw them in the parking lot near my apartment.

I would borrow one and bring it upstairs and put all my garbage bags in it and then use the cart to haul the garbage down to the dumpsters, leaving it in the parking lot for the next person.

That apartment featured a second exit…the large closet in the master bedroom had an external door that led out into the hall which served as a fire exit.

I eventually took to keeping a shopping cart in there to haul the garbage down. I thought I was the only one, and would put the garbage out in the middle of the night so that nobody would see that I was keeping a shopping cart in my closet.

About a year into this, the complex decided that the fire doors were a security risk and was going to seal them all up. The guy who was doing the sheetrock work patching the holes where the doors were told me that almost every apartment in the building had a shopping cart in their closet.

This guy otherwise wouldn’t have cared, but the exterior door leading out of the closet was 6 inches wider than the interior door, so the only way to get the shopping cart out of the closet was through the exterior door. If he hadn’t pulled the carts out of the closets, they would’ve been in there permanently.

Anyway, after that, the grocery store had a couple dozen of their missing carts back.

It ain’t palatial by any means, but it’s pretty solidly in the … well, lower echelons of middle class, let’s just say that. A few steps up from ghetto, but miles from Park Ave.

Actually, they’re not rednecks; I don’t think they were even born on this continent. They just seem to have a fundamental lack of respect for anyone they’re not directly related to. If anything I expect it stems from an entitlement complex.

I don’t know whether it would be worth involving the store and/or the police – though it would be kind of satisfying to have a pair of cops show up at their door. But like I said, they seem to have gotten the hint about the shopping carts and now put them back downstairs. At that point it’s probably not worth the effort to try and get all Law & Order on 'em.

If they saw me doing that they’d just act properly. However, if I happened to see them in the hallway taking out the trash one of those bags, I’d surreptitiously snap a shot of that, then go back later and see if it’s wedged in the chute and snap a picture of that. At least then I’d have some actual proof to take to management.

And the price of peaches mysteriously went down by a nickel a pound! :smiley:

Mindfield, I feel your pain (an excuse for me to rant, too)! :smiley: My apartment building has exactly the same situation with the garbage room. Some of neighbours try to stuff everything down the small chute. When it gets blocked they continue trying to cram their rubbish down there, then eventually just dump it in the room. It attracts flies and stinks. If youngsters get into the building they sometimes rip open the bags and toss the garbage around in the hallway.

If it’s any consolation, in our apartment stairwell either someone (possibly several people) have seen fit to urinate and vomit on the floor and walls. The never clean it up. As in, ever. We left one pile of vomit to see how long it would go without being cleaned. I don’t even want to talk about that. Most recent one happened on Saturday, and it’s still there. If it’s not gone by the time I get home I’m going to crack and clean it up myself.

Finally, I’m not sure whether it’s friends of people who live in the building or teenagers who’ve broken in but about once every few months (used to be once a week), somebody sets the fire alarm off. It’s usually in the middle of the night, so we have to call an engineer out then wait till he gets there. I have had to go into work with zero sleep after the fire alarm has gone off from 1am and was still going when I trudged out the door. Shudder.

Booooo to inconsiderate neighbours!

I’m so glad I live in the country.

Fortunately we don’t have problems with flies, and the mess is usually dealt with by maintenance within a day or two, so the problem doesn’t persist – but they shouldn’t have to deal with that crap in the first place.

We’ve had our share of inconsiderate jerks leaving a variety of bodily functions in the stairwells. Even kids who somehow dump whatever they couldn’t eat of their dinner in a corner of a landing, or sometimes right on the steps. I just wanna smack these people upside the head. With a tree. Stairwells are only done once a week so stuff there can linger a while, and I take the stairs often. (I hate waiting for elevators when I’m going downstairs. I only live on the 6th floor so it’s often quicker for me to hike down the stairs.)

Yeah, we get that too. It sometimes comes in waves; we’ll get new tenants whose inconsiderate little crotchfruits think it’s funny to yank the fire alarm and take off. They usually get caught, either by the parents or security, one or the other, and then it stops. About twice in the last decade the alarm has been set off because some douchebag teen sociopath sent something flaming down the garbage chute.

THIS looks like a great place for a mini-cam, which is triggered by the fire alarm going off. Repeat offenders are easily identified, and the proper parties can be fined for making a false alarm.