This is the reason humans are going to go extinct

Shopping carts in Walmart parking lot. This represents all of humankind, all the time. We can’t do one single easy thing right.

I saw the thread title and just naturally assumed you were watching our politicians. The bleak parking lot scene was a pleasant and warming surprise!

The carts are huddling for warmth. They’re just waiting for the right time to take over.

It only takes one jack-wagon to screw things up for everyone else,

Theoretically, if you give a cart a good shove, it will slide right into the one in front of it. Unless that cart has the “child seat” open, with that little plastic flap down. If the first person just lifts that little piece of plastic up, you can push your cart in from several feet away.

That looks to me like “screw it, just get it next to the cart corral and get back in the warm car!”.

You should see what people do with them in my store. Well, any store I’m sure, but mine is so small if someone leaves it somewhere other then ‘where it belongs’ they literally have to walk around it to exit and the next person will practically trip over it.

They do the same thing with the baskets too, they’ll empty them on to the counter and then just put them on the floor in some random spot. Put it away or hand it to the cashier, but hiding it around the corner on the floor is just asking for someone to get hurt and setting it on a display…do you really think that’s where it belongs?

I remember a few years ago I was at a Woodman’s. It was raining so hard that people were huddled by the door waiting for the rain to break, even a little, to run to their cars. One guy ran to his car, tosses his stuff in the trunk and left his cart behind the car next to him, the cart corral was probably another 5 cars down. I was right behind him and yelled over “WTF man, you’re just gonna leave that there so that person has to move it?” and he said “yup”. To this day, I wish I had the nerve to go and move it behind his car after he got in. More then likely he wouldn’t have noticed it until he backed into it and with any luck I would have been long gone by then.

Can, but won’t. We’re not stupid, just cussed.

I used to work as a cart-getter. I found it only took one jerk to start this. Everyone would put the carts back in the corral like normal. Then one cart would get left in a parking spot and everyone would just go “Well, I guess it’s okay if I leave my cart here too.”

You guys are all confirming my thesis. :smiley:

ETA: Wait, I meant that you’re all right about the dumb reasons people do idiotic stuff like this, not that you’re all genetic dead ends.

Exactly. And it’s not really tragedy of the commons or whatever, as the getter’s job is made easier if they’re in one spot. Personally, I get mad when lazy asses just leave theirs, but I rarely will add to the pile if there are reasons why the designated corral is no-go. Heavy snow, and specifically ice, is one of these that I’ll give a pass too and maybe join in.

More annoying about Walmart parking lots is all those who drive around for 15 minutes because they can’t park farther and walk another 25 feet to reach the store and possibly the mobility cart. The worst is the fuckos who decide they actually don’t want an item, preferably something perishable like milk, and leave it in the toiletries section to moulder.

That drives me out of my tree, too - for the same effect, you could have just taken that gallon of ice cream and thrown it in the garbage - save the time and effort of the store employee.

I don’t know if it just the legacy of the seven years I spent working retail, but I have been very specifically raising my (currently 18-month-old) son to never do this since the day he was born. I verbalized for him: now we are going to put our cart back, because it’s rude to make other people do it for you. To me it’s just the epitome of saving five seconds in your life to waste sixty seconds of someone else’s. Completely rude.

No I think they’re circling because they are under attack.

If it helps, I understand from former grocery employees (on here?) that the amount of stuff tossed for non-customer caused reasons is enormous. Things like pulling an item as soon as it passes the sell-by date for legal reasons.

Nothing attacks a cart in the wild, they have no natural enemies. The only thing that keeps them under control is the Cart Wrangler.

If stores continue to cut jobs, it will mean the end of civilization.

I like it when people leave their carts scattered around the parking lot. It makes it easy to harvest quarters from them. :smiley:

I think I get the concept of what you’re saying, but I have never seen this particular phenomenon in my life near grocery stores. If a place is particularly concerned, they will get magnetic brakes.

Cat Whisperer you are totally correct, however a small mitigating observation: The parking lots don’t get cleared of snow anymore, and the buggy corrals are the worst part of the mess. As a shopper you get pissed having to wrestle the cart out to your car across the ice, ruts and snow drifts. And then you find you have to somehow get the cart into the corral and link it to the chain of carts - “fuck it” you say.

I did this once. As I approached my van in the parking lot, I saw someone finish unloading their cart into their trunk and just parked the cart behind the rear bumper of my van. I would have had to move the cart in order to back out of the space.
The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. As they were piling into the car, I wheeled the cart behind their car, and got into my van. They backed right into the cart… I laughed and laughed.

I drove off to the sound of swearing and the sight of two middle fingers in my rear-view.

This is why I shop at Aldi instead of Wal-mart - this never happens at Aldi. Everyone always takes their carts back because they want their quarter deposit back. And if someone is soooo well off they don’t care about the quarter someone else will snatch that buggy up pronto to get the $0.25 bonus.

Greed. It’s not always a bad thing.