Is this a good deal on a computer?

I don’t own a computer, and I have been looking across the net for a deal on a used one.

Is this a decent computer (I am planning on installing XP3/Linux)… and is it a good deal?

Link to it from


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The xw class of workstations are good systems. Very reliable. The xw8200 is a few years old now, but I think it would perform just fine.

$349 seems like a decent bargain to me.

Decent price for the hardware you’re getting, although it is a refurb with a somewhat limited warranty. What applications do you intend to run on the machine you eventually do purchase? This is basically a no-frills business workstation-class machine; it may or may not be suitable for your needs.

What I am looking to do is general household stuff, but my friend does rendering computer graphics and stuff, and he was willing to put a nice video card and max out the 16 gigs of memory to use it as a “farm processing server” or whatever that means.

I basically want a computer that isn’t going to be unusable and not upgradable for a while.

That will do you very nicely indeed. It takes ECC memory, which is rather more expensive, but not onerously so.

What do you know about the company? Their web site is long on words but short on substance. They only have an 800 number but no street address or PO box listed.