Is this a good way to prevent future hijackings?

Sealed cockpit door. Video monitors in cockpit. If pilot/co-pilot sees any trouble, he/she flips a switch that fills the passenger cabins with some sort of gas that causes everybody to pass out for an hour or two, or three. Pilot lands plane safely…
This seems like a good idea to me, but I’m surely not the first person to think of it. Why are the airlines not considering this - or are they? I know I’d have no objection to being gassed for a couple of hours if it would save the lives of many people, particularly my own. Sure, an old fogey or two may die from complications of being gassed, but it seems to be worth the trade. Is this a good way to prevent future hijackings without federal agents and armed pilots/flight crews?

Boeing is working with the major airlines on just these sort of issues.

Well I sure would. You can’t just dump a bunch of anasthetic in the air and expect the dose that hundreds of people - of all ages, weights and health levels - get will be both effective and safe. I’m not an anasthesiologist, but I do know that knoching someone out is a delicate procedure fraught with potential complications which must be closely monitored. And what about when the system is accidentally discharged? Can you spell l-a-w-s-u-i-t?

Rethink that when you’re an old fogey. This idea is unacceptable.

By the way, the sealed cockpit door and video camera ideas are pretty good and will probably be implemented.

Why kill an “old fogey or two” with gas? If the cabin door is sealed, just land the plane.

Keep in mind that no “safe” gas will disable hijackers fast enough to keep them from blowing up the plane. If the pilot is willing to kill everyone in the plane, he can crash it, no need for gas.

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You’d object to being gassed because it is a delicate procedure? I’m obviously no doctor, but I’m quite sure that a gas exists that would knock most people out with little or no danger. Would the slight danger to a few be enough for us to oppose this?

“Can you spell l-a-w-s-u-i-t?”

What? If the system is accidentally discharged? What if one of the thousands of systems that operate a commercial flight fails and results in any fatal accident? I think the l-a-w-s-u-i-t-s would be there too. Using that logic, we would never fly again.

I’m sorry about that fogey reference Kamandi.

bigneck, I’m sorry that you’re disappointed that the answer to the question you asked is, “No, it’s not a good idea.” But it is.

We don’t need a separate thread on the front page dedicated to every single idea for air security that someone dreams up.

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