Is this a HIPAA violation?

Gallbladder went bye-bye a couple weeks ago. This occurred in location A of the local major hospital system.

Saw an orthopedist yesterday at location B of the local major hospital system. He’s not actually employed at the hospital, but his offices are in a facility of theirs. This was for followup on a visit last November. I said to him “Things got sorta delayed, I had my gallbladder out” and he said “Yeah, I saw that you had a cholangiogram”.

It didn’t occur to me until last night that it was rather odd that he had access to this information. It was unrelated to his treatment of me, he’s not even employed by the hospital system… though the MRI I had done for him was handled by the hospital system and it’s quite possible that they both got listed under “Mama Zappa’s Radiology Profile”.

Of course, this really doesn’t matter - I certainly don’t care that he knew I had a cholangiogram (intraoperative X-ray with dye), it just seemed like it wasn’t relevant info and maybe the hospital system shouldn’t give every single contracted doctor access to all sorts of unrelated patient data.

I think you should consult a lawyer familiar with the laws in your area.
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