Is this a joke? (Picture on Roger Ebert home page)

I cannot imagine a worse picture for Roger Ebert to put up on his new website. He looks like an idiot. And isn’t he holding his hands 90 degrees wrong?

Are you sure that isn’t Scylla?


Um, ?

Ebert’s actually got a pretty good sense of humor about himself. He’s just goofing on the whole “pretentious director” thing.

Well, that’s why I titled the thread thus. But come ON! He lookis like an idiot!

And, apparently, he’s secure enough that it doesn’t bug him if some people think he looks like an idiot.

Remember this is the guy who said, “Some day I will no longer be fat. But he will always be the director of The Brown Bunny.”

And Ebert will always be the writer of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

Still, I think Ebert wins that round.

Maybe not; Ebert has re-reviewed the re-edited version of Brown Bunny. He liked the reworked version. Must be a wishy-washy Liberal.

Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance!


I just noticed he gave TXH 1138 3 stars. Methinks that’s worse than a jokey photo.

Damn hippie wanna-bes controlling the media. Just like they said. Isn’t anything sacred anymore!??

Who will think of the pretentious directors and brown bunnies???



(bolding mine) It appears he’s “finger framing” for a pan and scan edit or made for TV movie.

Ironic or sad?

I always used “pistol fingers” for fake squaring up. :slight_smile:

I just now tried his hand positioning and I can’t see exactly how he did it. Esp since the image is so cropped. The upper hand would have quite a bit of uncomfortable bend at the wrist, unless his right arm is sticking way out and up from his body, a ludicrous posture.

My judgement? He’s doing it tongue in cheek, just to get a silly, yet memorable, photo.

I’m right with you on it being a shit picture. (It looks like he’s trying to “vogue”)
But I’m wondering where the 90-degree part is coming into this.

I think Ebert should blow a donkey for every film he’s allowed to give an opinion on. He’s praised movies I liked, and denigrated movies I liked.

Either way, I just don’t like him, in case anyone was unsure. :smiley:

What more damning thing can anyone say about a critic? :dubious:

Your mother sews socks that smell?

I saw the director’s cut on the bigscreen a few days ago, and I agree with Ebert. In fact, it may be Lucas’s best film.

(Not “movie.” “Film.”)