Is this a marijuana plant?

My daughter says this is growing next to her boyfriend’s house.

Normally marijuana puts out odd numbers of leaves. My count from the photo shows even numbers. I’m either blind or that isn’t marijuana.

It absolutely is a weed plant and likely a sativa dominant strain, too.

Looks like it to me.

Looks like it to me too. I don’t know anything else it could be.

Various leaves in that photo have anywhere from 5 to 9 leaflets, by my count. A couple of the largest leaves look like they have 8 leaflets, but I think it’s because one of the smaller leaflets is not showing clearly in the photograph.

Hell ya.

I can think of one way to find out for sure.

Maybe kenaf. Cops sometimes bust people growing kenaf thinking it’s marijuana. (And it’s scientific name is hibiscus cannabinus) I suspect that people breed strains to resemble marijuana. Check the pics on this page:

While the pics on this page wouldn’t fool anybody:

Well, first the plant needs to be sexed. If female, she needs to be put into flowering mode which will happen automatically as day lengths shorten. Outdoors it is also possible to flower early by manipulating day length, covering the plant to exclude light for a 12-12 light/dark cycle.

After harvesting and drying/curing, there is a psychoactive effect noted after smoking or consuming the buds.

But yes, the plant is *cannabis sativa *.

That’s because the pics on that pages (at least the close-up photos of leaves) actually are marijuana, and not kenaf.

Hibiscus cannabinus leaflets are not divided all the way to the base; those of marijuana are.

That’s because those are actually kenaf rather than marijuana. Kenaf won’t fool anyone who looks at it more than superficially.

Hey, if you toss the seeds away after you clean the stuff, things can happen…

Is it legal to grow in Portlandia?

Beats me. The photo is out in Wisconsin. Pot is legal in Oregon, of course, and my understanding is that you can own six plants, but I’m just not interested enough to find out at this point.

Looks like C. sativa.

It’s true that some varieties of Hibiscus (especially Texas Star Hibiscus) bear a startling vegetative resemblance to pot, with unfortunate consequences.

Other plants supposedly have look-alike leaves, though I think you’d have to be a botanical moron to be confused.

*Jackmannii uneasily contemplates the fact that he is currently growing at least three plants in his garden which idiots could potentially mistake for pot (Vitex agnus-castus, Manihot esculenta and Cleome).

Yes to both. If it were more of an indica strain the leave fronds/fingers would be wider and the general color would be a bit darker green.

I would need a sample to give an opinion.

If your worry is that your daughter might be dating a dopehead, be cool. Those hemp plants grow like everywhere; they’re mostly the result of birds dropping hemp seeds from feeders!

And although sex cannot usually determined until they start to flower, this looks like it will be female because it is branching out. Males tend toward the tall and skinny so at maturity they will be above the females when they release their pollen.

Do you have a cite for that?

I have heard from a number of sources that the hemp in bird seed mixes is sterile and will not germinate.

Yeah, that’s not a hemp plant, it’s smoking weed. Hemp doesn’t branch like that. And it’s probably not from seed either, because it’s very seldom you’ll find a seed in your bag and if you do it’s a hermaphrodite seed which is not super likely to germinate. Any adult in Oregon can legally grow up to four plants at a time, indoor or outdoor, and the only restriction is that if growing outdoor you’re not supposed to have it in plain sight and refrain from skunking out the neighbors.

Also I absolutely invite all the would-be wags who think they can determine the species of the plant by smoking it to give it the old college try. I will laugh at you and then I’ll hand you some aspirin for the headache you’ll give yourself. Plants in veg contain zero psychoactive compounds, and that little plant is firmly in veg and very young–if it’s from seed it’s maybe a month or so past sprouting and won’t even start to flower (assuming it’s female) until sometime in September when the equinox hits.