is this a "racist" oz KFC ad

My view as an aussie: We do not have a racist stereotype of black people eating fried chicken here and the black people in question are West Indians not African Americans.

So what do you folks think

Americans aren’t smart enough to figure that out. When Deep Space Nine came out, people called Tuvok an “African American Vulcan.” So if they’re black, then by gar they’re “African American.”

Why we in America would care about a KFC ad in Australia, where the stereotype (apparently) does not exist, I couldn’t tell you.

No it is not. It is much more clear cut than that black face hoopla from Red Faces. As you say, there is no stereotype here of blacks eating fried chicken (I’d never heard of that before), the “blacks” are West Indies cricket fans and the West Indies team have just toured Australia. The same advertisement would’ve been made with English cricket supporters if the English team had been here at the time. Reading it as racist is just stupid.

This is just stupid. I’m pretty sure that the majority of Americans bitching about this don’t know jack shit about Australian west indies culture. (Neither do I. But I think it’s a fair assumption that if the locals over there aren’t getting in a twist about it; than it probably isn’t racist.)

These folks need to find themselves a new hobby.

Yup, there’s already a thread on this topic in Great Debates, so I’m closing this one.