Is this a scam?

Several times while shopping at wal-mart i have checked my receipt and found an item i definitely did not purchase showing up on my receipt,once i checked before leaving the store and had a hell of a time getting the manager to refund my money.
The last time this happened it was a replacement tire for a wheelbarrow.
Now the item always shows up in the middle of my purchases so that strikes off accidentally getting the item of the person in front of me or behind.
Whats up here? Are the cashiers trying to put one by me? Weird computer error?

Hmmmmm, I really don’t think that the cashiers are gonna get a commission for something like this. Is it the same cashier or cash register each time? Maybe it’s the scanner picking up random items.

If it always happens at one WalMart, I’d always watch the items being rung up, AND check the receipt each time before leaving. And I’d write a letter to the head office.

However, I don’t shop at WalMart any longer.

Yes its the same wal-mart,different cashiers.
It doesn’t happen everytime,only every so often but i do check my receipt now before i leave.
It isn’t so much i feel i am being taken advantage of i am just curious,its always some odd item that somehow appears.
As i told the manager go ahead and check the video on all these cameras around here if you think i have taken it out of my bag:D.

I hate Walmart. They always seem to make things so hard on you. Their SCU’s often don’t match the product you bought. I retuned a DVD to Walmart fully packaged (accidently bought the full-screen version) with my receipt 11 hours after buying it. The DVD SCU was for veggie tales or something but I was returning FOTR. The lady out and out accused be of trying to defraud them, until a manager came up to say most of the movies SCU’s didn’t match anyways. Crap like that always happens. I hate Walmart.

wow, glad I read this post, I am going to check the receipt every time I leave Walmart. I probably will not go to walmart anymore either, just the mention of this is enough for me to go shopping somewhere else.

It would not surprise me in the slightest if Walmart deliberately perpetrated such a scam. It would also not surprise me if it were simply a computer glitch at Walmart. Either way, the best solution is to shop somewhere else.

As the result of some 8000 odd IMHO threads and an additional 16,000 BBQ threads on Wal-Mart, have we still not yet reached consensus on how much it sucks and that we shouldn’t shop there?

IANAL but I’ve talked this over with one, but in the UK your legal right for a refund stops when you walk away from the checkout. Of course, they’ll still likely accommodate you afterwards as they won’t want to attract the attention of Trading Standards or be prosecuted for fraud.

The supermarkets in the UK do make things difficult for customers by not giving them the list of items purchased before you pay.

probably a simple matter of either a marred UPC being misread OR, if the cashier had to type in a UPC or PLU (the number on produce & a few other products) mistyped.

Believe me, such things just make work for us at W-M & would not be deliberately done to rake up profits. You think WM actually enjoys provoking irate SDMB threads & phone calls to home office?

Btw, I’m a lowly CSM & am usually the one who corrects such things- and I’m the one that customers with complaints come to as they know I’ll usually do what they want unless they are totally unreasonable.

Me and mostly the Misses shops at Walmart probably 6 times a month for the last three years. Never had one problem.
Heck, theyll even take back stuff you didnt even buy there.

The wife is a crazy reciept checker and she has never once seen an item that was mispriced or didn`t belong on the bill.

I’ve never seen it. And I shop there all the time.

There is a neat scam where the cashier puts a barcode on her wrist and scans THAT instead of your item.

If it happens more than once I would threaten to call the cops. It’s no different than if you shoplift from them, right?