Is This A Virus? Or, Other Rogue...

I am getting a messing saying my PC needs to be rebooted to implement new updates, or words to that effect. There is a counter telling me the PC will reboot in 5 minutes, but I can cancel and reboot later. However, I have gotten this message twice now in the last ten minutes, or so…

Although I have Macafee, this does not seem like the typical “M.O.” for a Macafee update. Does anyone know if this is legit? Could the recent virus called “W32/Sober.p@mm” be causing this?


  • Jinx

What brand of PC and what OS do you have? I have seen Dells and HPs lately with auto-update features that do this sort of thing automatically on the assumption that their target audience is completely computer illiterate, which it often enough is.

I’m surprised they wouldn’t give me the right to see more details, or override totally. It’s still popping up about every ten minutes. - Jinx

Windows Update does this on Windows XP with Service Pack 2.

Is your computer set to automatically download and install updates?

Yep, if its XP you are talking about, the latest security update requires a restart and the bloody thing keeps trying to reboot every 5 min until you let it. When it did this to me I was in the middle of somthing and had to keep canceling for over a half hour.