Is this an authentic hobbit hole?--More on the LoTR debate

Yo, my contribution to the LoTR debate:

It was included in this link (with pertinent news about the LoTR movie):

Hope these UBB codes work.


Well, except for looking like something from Davey and Goliath, I guess that’s generally acceptable.

Looks like the Teletubbies’ summer home.

Hello Po! Hello Frodo!

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The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkein, 1937, first page of text in Chapter 1, An Unexpected Party.

You would think they could at least get the simple things right… < sighing >

… and what’s with the telephone poles and cable lines? (See upper left of photo.)

Well, CK, when the palantir network is down, you need a wired backup system. ; :slight_smile:

DSY said:

It is admittedly been a while since I have picked up one of my various copies of the hobbit, but without the context of this description, I can easily see how this could be a specific description of (Bilbo’s?) hobbit hole, and not a housing plan for all the hobbit holes. This then would allow for various placements of windows for others.

I find the picture to look a lot like how I would have pictured a hobbit hole. Compared to some of the other liberties they will surely have to take in recreating Middle Earth, this seems to be a fairly small one.

If nothing else, this proves one thing: GD’ers can argue about ANYTHING. :slight_smile:

I will have to re-read the hobbit, but the picture seems OK to me. I thought that the wooden posts on the upper left were a fence.

DSYoungEsq, I’m not sure your objection applies, because we don’t know if the picture is supposed to represent Bilbo Baggins’ home.

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Thanks Doghouse. I haven’t been there in a while.

I like the picture, but I do hope it’s not Bag End. (In the link, Harry did say he didn’t know what it was supposed to depict.)


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