Is this antique/vintage stuffed toy identifiable?

So while going through some old boxes I found what looks to be a very old, stuffed, pink poodle toy… Thing… I decided to throw it up on eBay to see if it could get a few bucks, but was just wondering in the mean time if it had/has any value, or even what the heck it is… Some pictures are below:

Don’t really know anything about it, and googling related terms didn’t turn up anything useful. The only thing I know about it was that it was bought at a garage sale a while back. Any clues?

Don’t know what it is, but it is destined to end up here.

Wow. I thought I had some weird looking stuffed animals growing up. That’s just creepy. :eek:


Based on

That it’s a poodle.

The black and pink color scheme.

The fact that the fur looks like it was literally a piece of shag rug.

I’d say you have a stuffed animal made as part of the poodle fad of the fifties.

Nah, even at it shaggiest, shag carpeting wasn’t that long. Besides, it was a late 60’s/early 70’s style, a rebellion against the uptight sculptured carpets of the 50’s. You know, like, hang loose man, let your freak flag fly!

Damn, but that thing is ugly. Is it one half of a pair of kissing dogs, with magnets in the mouths? I know you have just the one, but that disc shaped mouth is odd. I don’t think it is very old. The plush looks too modern, maybe no more than 10 years old. How about another photo with a ruler to show its size?

Oh, thank god! I could tell the poodle was puckering, but the only explanation I could come up with was that it was sold in an extra-nasty sex shop. Which is a mental image I didn’t need, especially if Pee Wee Herman bought it.


I can’t help wondering if Dame Barbara Cartland had one of her doggies stuffed In Her Own Image.


Well, well… Did someone from here submit it? 'Cause it’s up.

The thing’s kind of scary, I have to admit.