Is This As Funny As I Think It Is?

Manbabies is just about the funniest indie video I’ve seen.

I’ve watched it a half dozen times and it only improves. Have I lost it?

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It’s pretty funny. The mix of grown-up conversation fractured by infantile stream of consciousness makes for a perfect WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Yup, it’s funny.

I thought it was really funny. My 11 year-old son thinks it’s the funniest thing he’s ever seen. This will lead to hours of entertainment. Thanks, adhay!

THAT. Is funny!

yep—that was pretty funny.

I didn’t laugh, so I guess I don’t find it funny. I can see how others might find it funny. But not for me.

I kind of thought the idea was cute, but I didn’t finish it.

The other kind of Manbabies.
Carry on.

I didn’t want to laugh but I did.

Sorry, not funny at all. My 13 year old just went “Yuck” and wandered off about when the puking started.


Talking babies are never. Funny.


Yeah, pretty much this. I might go so far to say most things involving babies are never funny.

When does it get funny? I watched a minute or so and got bored enough to switch it off. If it was supposed to be funny sooner, it wasn’t.

I thought it was very funny. Oddly, NOTHING else on their website came close to being funny.

Checked it out myself. Couldn’t get their other videos to run. No loss, I guess.

Glad I ended it early.

This is my view, also. The joke seemed to be “Ha Ha, adult heads on baby bodies! Isn’t that HILARIOUS!?!?” But it needed a point. And a punchline or two.

Ditto, happy to miss the puking.

They cheated. Anything with jaundice is funny for me. Don’t know why but I find it hilarious.

But the rest of it was funny too.