Is this Chinese video a parody piece or real

Chinese villagers dig up a strange mushroom that nobody has seen before, which is actually a discarded sex toy. Is this a real thing, or is this a parody? Everything I can find says this is real (plus I don’t know if the Chinese would allow this kind of humor on TV) but it seems hard to fathom nobody would know what that was. China must have really strict porn filters.

edit: the title should say ‘or’ real not of real.

It certainly comes off as ‘real.’ Kudos to the makers if it’s a parody or hoax.

China has sex toy shops on every other corner, so it’s not like the concept is unknown.

Do we have any trustworthy third party to translate the speech and titles and vouch for the reality of the station or network that supposedly carried this?

Once they started spouting actual “knowledge” about it, like that it usually grew in other parts of the country and that it was in the medical journals, it was clear that it was a joke.

Ah, you’re probably right. It’s very well done, though. I wonder who the original audience was. Does Chinese television do this sort of spoof stuff, like I know Japan does?

“What is it for?”
“I don’t know. Fuck it!”

Only in the big cities and the majority of Chinese still live in the countryside.

Parody, and obviously influenced by The Gods Must Be Crazy.

Probably but not certain, and nahhhh. It’s a basic trope that long predates that film.

According to ABC news it was a real story.

I’ll be damned.

I still have trouble believing it was found “eighty meters down.” I mean, did it originally come from Oog-Oog’s Neolithic Marital Aids Shoppe?

I think the report is genuine and the reporter was indeed shenned. But I suspect most of the villagers were in on the joke.

The villagers would have never seen anything like it. Rural China is not like rural America. They do not have many modern amenities. And China is a family based prudish society on the whole.

Meh, I lived pretty far out there. While you probably won’t find a sex shop in the deepest rural villages, the small town where people buy their seeds and fertilizer probably has a sex toy shop.

China can be prudish about some things, less prudish about others. Our local strip club was a super secret underground mafia place complete with secret passwords, but the brothels operated completely openly. The sex toy shops were not particularly covert.

Reading the ABC story, it does seem like someone in the story got fooled at some point. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t the villagers pulling one over on the reporter, however. “Villager finds fantastical creature” stories (which later turn out to be hoaxes) are a pretty common story on Chinese news.

The clip is too fuzzy for me to read the station ID characters. The person who translated said “local dialect” when the local folks are clearly speaking Mandarin with an accent.

Sheeeet, you’re telling me villagers don’t know a rubber product from a plant? These folks are 4 gazillion generations of farmer and they can’t tell a manmade something from a plant??? JFC, get real.

This is a pure put on.

madsircool - have you spent time in rural china? From the building, that is obviously not a poor village. Or at least not a poor house.