Is this considered Schadenfreude, or something else?

It’s a long article in the sense that it has many, many entries, nevertheless it’s a quick read. If you don’t want to read it, I’ll summarize; it’s a collection of mostly Twitter and Facebook responses to satire from The Onion where the one responding apparently doesn’t realize it’s a joke and expresses disbelief or outrage. And somehow, that’s immensely amusing to me. Is it like watching someone falling for a practical joke? or am I wanting to assure myself of my superiority because “I would NEVER fall for that!”

I’d say it’s ‘Poe’s Law’.

If a legit post, I’d classify it as a “whoosh.” I think that a goodly number of those posts are just people intentionally being funny.

There are, sadly, a large number of people in the world with the critical thinking skills of a brain-damaged dung beetle and thus fail to notice parody even in its most blatant forms. Of course, as noted there are some people who pretend not to notice for comedic effect, and sometimes (the world being as ridiculous as it is) the parodic nature of the story is less evident.

I have encountered some of the first group in person and online. I try not to openly mock them to their faces but man, it’s hard sometimes.

If you find these folks’ supposed gullibility amusing, that’s not schadenfreude, because these folks have not suffered a misfortune. They are just a bit credulous. Which can be funny sometimes.

It’s like when I tried to explain certain dirty jokes to my mom, and she wouldn’t get it. She wasn’t worldly enough to get them. Sometimes that made the joke funnier.

Or like on the TV show Soap when Jodie told Jessica that Plato was gay. Her eyes got wide and she said, “Mickey Mouse’s dog was gay???”

It can get out of hand though. A fundamentalist Christian group tried to use an Onion article purporting to quote JK Rowling as having written Harry Potter in order to gather souls for Satan as proof of their exceedingly stupid obsessions being based in fact.

Schadenfreude is “shameful joy.” It’s taking pleasure in harm coming to someone else. So, there are two steps: (1) Someone suffered a misfortune, and (2) that suffering makes you happy.

There’s a subreddit called AteTheOnion that specializes in this. So “they ate the onion” is probably the closest you’ll get to a term for it.