News Flash - via The Onion!

How stupid do you have to be to NOT know that the Onion is a ‘humor publication’?

OK, I’ll bite.

What are you talking about?

apparently just as stupid as someone who forgot to include the link

That’s just sad. Surely they didn’t believe the rest of the headlines on The Onion site and if they did, that’s just almost too scary to contemplate.


Don’t you remember a couple years back, when the Onion article on Harry Potter circulated in Christian groups as real? It had this great picture of kids dressed up in robes and glasses with red pentagrams. Reader’s Digest actually had a woman write in a couple times about it after their article on Rowling, and she was persistent enough that they printed an explanation (something like “you’ll be glad to know that the Onion is a satirical publication…”).

Hard to believe that some people will believe anything that comes through their inbox…

I think it was funnier when that Chinese news agency believed the Onion story about the U.S. Congress demanding a new building, and then when they found out they had been burned, chastised the American media for lying to the public.

Because we all know the Chinese media never lies…

That thing with the Chinese paper was great; even when they had it explained to them, they apparently still didn’t get that the Onion is funny. I can’t find a cite, dang it, but the paper’s editors sniffed that the Onion “makes up stories to get people to read it.” (That’s a misquote, I’m sure, but it’s similar in spirit.) They apparently just thought it was salacious tabloid stuff.

They didn’t realize that, as a friend of mine put it, The Onion makes up true stories.