Um, where do they get the pictures of people for The Onion?

Idle curiosity, and an empty Keystone Light after a hockey game got me thinking. . .

After reading this article on an undercover cop’s work, and then going into some of the editorials which looked like they might be staged pictures, I’m curious. Just where in the hell do they get some of these pictures (I know the one of Bush is “PhotoShopped”). Do they just take pictures of goofy-looking contributors?

Has any Doper ever posed for The Onion?


I’d imagine there’s a stock of photos of idiots. I expect they mostly just find appropriate pictures for th

It took me an embarassingly long time to recognize that they use the same six people each week.

There’s a news story from a The Boston Globe Unfortunately after signing up they don’t appear to have the story anymore. Nuts.

Check this out.

That site wouldn’t pen for me Osiris, but this is something I’ve wondered about myself. I knew they reuse the same people for the “What do You Think” column, but there are plenty of people they use only once.

And the manatee.

I’m pretty sure there was a thread about The Onion before here where someone said a friend of theirs (yes, this sounds like “a friend of a friend” territory) found a picture of him or herself being used without permission.

I’ve always wondered who the six people in the on the street interviews were. I’ve also wondered if they have a random name generator, why curly-haired clueless lady is always either a housewife or a librarian and why the other blonde woman always gets to be the cynical realist.
Silly things to wonder while reading The Onion. Especially without the help of some Keystone Light.

I once saw the woman from a Point/Counterpoint editorial (“U.S. Stay Out Of My Uterus/We Must Deploy Troops To Your Uterus”) in a optometrists print ad.

Thus, I conclude, they use stock photography.

They actually change the pictures every few years.

They took the pictures of the people from the “What Do You Think” section on the capitol square in Madison (I recognize some of the buildings in the background). They probably just went around one day taking a bunch of pictures of government workers and businessmen/women. Since they use those pictures so regularly, they probably have permission.

Who would willingly pose for the mostly unflattering pictures of the regular comunists like Jean Teasdale (Go! Jeankateers!), stoner Jim Anchower?

Ever notice that exactly one of the “What do YOU think?” people is always a systems analyst? It’s different each time, but there’s always a systems analyst.

There seems to be one sort of inside joke or another in there.

For a while, one of the “What do you think” people on the street was someone in Madison, Wisconsin, who was pestering the Onion staff to let him write for them. They never did publish anything of his, as far as I know, but they did get him to pose for the photo.

Some of the other people in photographs are friends of the editors, writers, and photographers. And others, as it has been said above, are just stock photos.

Personally, I want to know who’s the guy in Herbert Kornfeld’s picture.

The light-haired guy with the mustache and glasses, I figure, must work for The Onion, because he’s been photographed more than once. Observe this story. Same guy, no?

Which one? The Boston Globe piece is just too old and they took it out of their system. If it was also a hard copy piece you may be able to find it at your local library but you’d probably have to e-mail them to find out when it was published.

Or are you talking about the Ben Hauck site? It’s about this local actor who was paid to appear as a member of the gay following a local optometrist enjoys. in the Mar 7, 2001 The Onion. He says

then there’s a jpg of the Onion where you can read the article.

So they pay theatrical actors to appear in their articles in staged photos. For instance Hauck here has appeared as extras in some Hollywood movies, been a victim and a Principal on Law & Order and … Well you can read his resumé on-line. (Wow ALT 0233 has finally lodged itself in my mind, good.)

They had an article about a year and a half ago, which featured a friend of my roommate. I forget the exact title but it was about how everyone loves the crazy japanese exchange student in the dorm. I found out afterwards that she is friends with one of the editors, so I guess in some cases they use the people right around them.

Communists? What?!?

I’m never reading that paper again! :mad:

Damn commie pinkos.

Making a pun on a typo.