Is this creepy?

Would it creep any of you guys out if you were dating a girl who owned her own copy of the Zapruder tape?

The Zapruder tape is…?

Should I ask. Are you the one with the tape? Or are you dating someone who owns it?

The Zapruder tape is the footage of the JFK assasination.

And as long as said person doesn’t get off watching it, I wouldn’t particularly worry about it. :wink:

Oh thanks. I feel young. :o

Was Zapruder the guy who taped it?

I have a hardcore Oswald/JFK assassination fetish. It’s kinda weird, but I’m really obsessed with it. I was just about the buy the Zapruder tape online when my roommate says to me, "Geez, that’s kinda creepy. No offense, but if I were a guy. . . "
Not that I care what a guy would think of me, but I’m just wondering if it’s a creepy thing to own, in general.

And Zoggie–youth is no excuse. I’m only 20. :slight_smile:
Yes, Abraham Zapruder was the man who taped it.

The fact that a girl owned something like that is not creepy in itself. Now, if on my first date with a girl like that she insisted that I watch it with her, or something of that nature, then I’d be a little creeped out.

I’m not easily creeped out by people’s viewing or reading material. Usually, they are just viewing and reading materials, with little greater significance than letting you know what the person likes to view or read.


That just blows my head.

I was not even a zygote when JFK was killed, so youth definitely has nothing to do with it.

ChiefScott, I read that and thought to myself, gee, I wonder which part? He meant that someone would buy the tape, he meant that someone would think it was freaky, he meant that someone wouldn’t … OH. MY. GOD. He meant THAT. Then I laughed so hard that I choked.

Sometimes the benefit of being slow is that the punchline hits you that much harder.

Personally, I would love to date a girl who showed an interest in any such thing, be it JFK or any other conspiricy/assasination type subject. It would make a refreshing change from talking about shampoo/make-up.

As long as you don’t own a tape of “The House of Yes” as well.

Anyone who has seen that movie will understand what I mean.


Aw hell–I dig that movie. I don’t own it though. . . does that count for something?

Damn. You’re only four years my senior.

Hey but in my defense, I knew that there was a tape. I knew that JFK was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald who was in turn shot by Jack Ruby. I just never knew said tape was called the Zapruder tape.

I wouldn’t think its weird. Personally I’m afraid what will happen if I meet a guy who could be my potential future husband/SO and it turns out that he’s frightened off by my PSCYHO obsession or my graphic horror novels or my fetish for Monkees. I guess we all have some skeletons in the closet.

Firstly, kiddies it was a film. I know it is now sold as a video, though.

Way back in the day, after a hearty breakfast of stones and milk, we’d jump on the dinosaur, run over to the one-room log school house and actually film our children’s school play.

Believe it or not.

And, yes delphic, that’s what I meant.

Should I open the can of worms about the first part of that statement?

BTW ChiefScott, loved your explantation of what we used to do before camcorders. I was going to chime in myself and say it’s the Zapruder film* until I saw your response.

No, Crunch meister, no worms today.

Before camcorders? Are you joking me? I think this belongs in the “Stuff the Youngers Will Scratch their heads Over” thread, guys.

I once had a roomie who had a Psycho obsession, which was fine. Though he did also often watch a video documentary about the Donner Party, which was a tad on the creepy side…

It would creep me out if I was dating a girl, period. :frowning: