Is this funny? A Poll

Chris Cuomo made this joke on GMA, and some say he got in trouble for it, re: Ted Kennedy being on the “No-Fly” list:

“The Senator says it took him weeks to get his name off the list and homeland security director Tom Ridge later apologized,” Cuomo reported. And then he deadpanned: “However, it must be noted, Diane and Robin, that then Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge was seen laughing into his hand and high-fiving several of his colleagues. That is untrue, but that’s the news at 8.”

Funny, or worthy of an ass-chewing?


I laughed.

Not very funny, but not really worthy of an ass-chewing, either. Just a dumb joke that fell on it’s face.

Only mildly amusing but even less so when you consider it was “stolen” from Orin Hatch who quipped a similar sentiment in the original hearing. If you’re borrowing material from Orin Hatch you probably at least deserve to be kicked in the shin.

Hmm. Jon Stewart he ain’t… but it’s more of a problem of not-funny than ass-chewing error of judgement.

It would have been funnier if Ridge had been churnin’ butter rather than high fiving.


Funny, yes. But inappropriate for a straight news show like GMA. Better suited for Leno.

I thought it was kinda funny, and GMA isn’t exactly heavy news. Certainly not the place that should get upset about a kinda funny joke.

I thought it was kind of a dud, but surely not worthy of an ass-chewing.

I don’t even understand why this is supposedly funny.

I’m not offended or outraged either, just confused.

Ya know…like Tom Ridge played a practical joke on Kennedy?

Sounds like a dig at FOX to me.

Not terribly funny, but no big deal.

That’s it? That’s pretty lametastic.

Well, it was just kinda funny. Not worthy of the whirlwind of bullshit it stirred up, but more like, “heh-heh.”

No coffee was spit on my part…

[picks head up off desk]


Huh? You woke me up for this?

No and no… zzzzzzzzzzzz

[returns to nap]

Could somebody explain it?

Can Ted Kennedy even fit in an airplane? :smiley: