Is this image racist? (pic in thread)

It’s a drawing of a man in a sombrero napping against a cactus.

[QUOTE=cainxinth;15997780It’s a drawing of a man in a sombrero napping against a cactus.[/QUOTE]

It’s a drawing of a man in a sombrero napping against a cactus. Where is the racism there?

If it was used to illustrate a report entitled “Latino Demographics: 1997-2007”, I’d probably think it was in poor taste.

Without context, no.

It doesn’t have to be, I guess, but I think pictures like that are frequently used in a racist way. Personally, I’d avoid it.

I think it’s pretty awesome he can fall asleep against a cactus.

I hear race doesn’t really exist, and therefore racism doesn’t either.

I was going to use it to illustrate “siesta.”

There is a stereotype of Mexicans being lazy, and this could be (and hence is likely to be) interpreted by some as racist.

How can you be sure he’s even Mexican? With the sombrero in the way, you can’t see his big droopy Pancho Villa moustache.

It’s a picture of a passed out American college student on spring break.

In what context?

Guaranteed, someone will find it racist.

I guess the answer is, “It depends.”

Where was this picture being shown? Who put it there? For what purpose?

In and of itself, I don’t think it’s necessarily racist, but I KNOW that many Mexican-Americans would find it offensive, which means I probably wouldn’t put it on display unless I was sure either that no Hispanics would see it, or that it would be seen only by a chosen few Hispanics I knew wouldn’t be hurt.

In the interest of not offending anyone, I would select a different image to illustrate sieasta. I would go for a neutral image of a person napping, or a sleeping cat (everyone loves cat pics).

I’d say it’s stereotypical rather than racist. Of course, stereotypes are often used in racist portrayals, so it’s a fair question. I don’t see it as inherently offensive, but then again I’m not Mexican. I think miss elizabeth and tdn make a salient point in that it could certainly be perceived as racist.

I’m not aware of the stereotype of lazy Mexicans that Revtim mentioned – I usually hear about Mexicans in the U.S. being quite hardworking – but if there is indeed such a stereotype then this flirts dangerously close to it.

Some feedback from Mexicans or Mexican-Americans in the intended audience will probably be the most helpful gauge.

What if you had a man in a bowler hat and an umbrella asleep under a cactus?

Let’s keep that topic in that thread and not bring in here.

And the guy in the OP’s picture is pregnant too!

But make sure the cat is wearing a sombrero. If it also has a big black mustache, all the better.

Oh, here you go.

What’s he doing with an umbrella in the desert?