is this inappropriate?

First, let me say that I do feel fortunate to have parents that loved one another… and took the family camping.

The first time I remember this happening was when I was 9. We were camping in our motorhome- my older brother, my parents and I. My parents had sex. My brother had the pleasure of sleeping through it. Meanwhile, I layed in my sleeping bag… my parents just feet away from me… the motorhome rocking back and forth… wincing, panting and moaning. At the time, I didn’t realize WHAT exactly was happening. I remember calling out for my brother… and my mom snipping back with a “get to sleep!!” THe humping continued. It continued all that summer and years later.
I hated it. I hated laying there with my parents doing it just feet away from me in the dark. I hated rocking back and forth. I hated that I couldnt help NOT invisioning them. I HATED IT ALL SO MUCH. I started to have temper tantrums and cause problems so that my parents wouldnt take me along camping.

Well… this recently came up… my mother was telling stories and remembering about how I hated camping. Well… I didn’t hate the camping… I hated what they did at night. I didn’t bring that up at the time, but just her trip down memory lane reminded me of why I hated my cummers.
Am I outta line? Or were they? Would you have sex with your kids right there?

oooops… summers*

Good Freudian slip there Mith :smiley:

Good or bad? Obviously is was traumatic for you so it was bad.

I grew up camping nearly every weekend - summer holidays were spent camping, and during the fall/winter we went hunting. Luckily, when I was older I usually stayed in a tent nearby. When I was younger though I have no memory of mom and dad going at it. Perhaps they waited until we kids were asleep.

Perhaps the age of the children should guage if/when parents have sex near their children.

Have you had a word with your folks since, letting them know why camping was not fun for you? It may be a good idea. Then they will know that their actions are known and make you uncomfortable so they can then make an effort to improve things.

Good luck.

Best. Freudian Slip. Ever.

I agree with Washte - I think you should have a quiet word with your mum and let her know the reason why you didn’t enjoy camping. Reassure her that you’re glad that your mum and dad loved each other, but that as a child you were naturally a bit icked out.

What your parents did was pretty damn inappropriate. It sounds like it still bothers you, so that indicates that you should bring it up. I like **Tansu’s approach: Glad you guys were in love, but what you did made me feel bad.

One caution, though. Your mother may not take this well, as she may get defensive about it. Expect that, tell her calmly, and then if she is defensive, give her some time to think about it.

I agree it was inappropriate for you parents to subject you to that. I strongly disagree with some of the posters who think you should discuss the subject with your mother now. What could this possibly accomplish, other than to create embarrassment and guilt? I’m assuming that your parents don’t still have young children, who might benefit from having them alter their behavior. What’s the harm in letting your mother continue to think that you just didn’t like camping out?

You could bring it up that it bothered you, if you think it will make you feel better to get it off your chest, but there’s no point in arguing whether or not it was appropriate. Like Early Out said, unless they have young kids now or will in the future, there’s no point in causing conflict when it isn’t necessary.

IMHO…I’d leave it alone at this late in the game. From what you’re saying, I don’t see any benefit coming out of bringing it up for either of you.

Thanks so much for all the responses.

I don’t think I will bring it up with them… but I just wanted (well this sounds silly) some confirmation that it was OK to feel the way I do about it.

ANd… I will see the positive side of it.
Say… if I ever have children, I will be aware that MAYBE they arent just being bratty when they act up. Maybe, possibly… there is something MORE to it than just a dislike for camping, or whatever it may be.

Good take on it, Mith. If it isn’t bothering you (I thought it was), then learning from it is a great outcome.

And consider your feelings very much confirmed.

Yes, what’s done is done. No point in bringing it up. UNLESS you foresee an upcoming camping trip that will include other relatives, such as very young cousins. In that case, you might want to take your mom aside and brief her on that inappropriate behavior. Otherwise, no need to bring it up.