Is this local water too soft?

The water in Calvert, Texas (in central Texas near Bryan/College Station) is notorious for its inability to rinse the soap off of you. When you wash your hands you can rinse forever and never seem to get rid of that slippery soap feeling, and taking a bath is worse. The local explanation that I’ve heard is that the water is very soft, and that poor rinsing is an attribute of soft water.

Is that right? If so is there a way to harden water? Are there soaps that are designed to rinse better in soft water?

Try cutting down how much soap you use - the softener people seem to collectively agree on using only half as much as you would otherwise.

There’s not much to be done to improve soap, but detergents can be less affected by water hardness, so they may be a better choice. I’ve heard recommendations of using “body wash” rather than bath soap as it’s supposed to rinse easily.

Softened water can be tough to get used to for some people. The town water could be softened for some reason or it could just be that way naturally.

My recommendations for soap usage with softened water is less then half as much. If you would normally use a gob of shampoo the size of a half dollar use somewhere closer to the size of a penny. For washing machines water the detergent recommends as the minimum use half of that.

The squeaky clean feeling most people are familiar with is because of a layer of residue left on your skin by the hardness. When using softened water that will not exist. your skin will be slick because the oils in your skin. Many people when first using softened water have a mental hang up thinking there is still soap on the because of the slick feeling, when they probably already rinsed all the soap away.