Is this Minnesota or the Bahamas?

It’s 42 degrees Fahrenheit in downtown Minneapolis today and my GOD it just feels like spring!

I’ve lived in this state for almost six years; I guess I can finally call myself a real Minnesotan.

If the sun comes out, I might just cream my casual Friday jeans.

Jeans, hell. I’m wearing shorts today.

It’s going to get up into the 60s today, I know it.

Look at my location.

No, Havre isn’t in the Rockies. It’s in the plains, which get much colder for much longer.

Happy birthday to me! :smiley:

You know, I wouldn’t mind the warmth, if it hadn’t just snowed 30" in the valley last weekend.

That cute little 4’ creek at the bottom of the hill turned into a 100’ RAGING MONSTER FROM HELL last night. Washed out one road, severely damaged another, had a third closed because it was flowing 6" over the bridge…

And it’s going to get warm again today. Fortunately, our house is high on the hillside.

I love it. I hate it. I hate the dog owner’s Minnesota season. The dreaded “Muddy Paw”.

See, NurseCarmen, this is when all of my dog’s walks invove me holding him over the edge of my balcony and shouting “Shit already! For god’s sake, do you want to walk in the mud?”

lno, you just ain’t right.

NurseCarmen, I hear you. To boot, I have a low rider; she gets muddy from stem to stern, but only on the bottom.

Remind me to never walk under lno’s balcony. You aren’t downtown Minneapolis are you? I was planning on taking a nice stroll over lunch.

NurseCarmen, we gotta get together for lunch one of these days. Anyone else work downtown but us?

I’m over near the TCF tower (The Campbell-Mithun building, formely know as the Piper Jaffrey Tower, formely know as the Artist Formely Known as Prince), are you near any nummy resturants?

I work in the Barnes ‘n’ Noble building, AKA Midwest Plaza.

Have you hit Marketplace yet? I’m talking about the sit-down one next to Chipotle on Nicollet.

You stand in line, order your food and they bring it to you at your table. Very nice ambiance, cool decor… We should arrange a Doper lunch on a Friday soon. How does your schedule for two weeks from today look? March 28th. I can go any time between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

Pick a time and I’ll take a long lunch, drive up from Eden Prairie, drive around for an hour looking for a place to park, give up, and go back to work.

But I’ll be there in spirit. That’s what counts.

We can feel your atti-muh-tude from here, lno.


I used to work in Midwest Plaza :smiley: 16th floor. I got to watch them tear the building across the street down. Marketplace sounds awesome, I’m up for it.

I hate to interrupt your little downtown lovefest, but I feel the need to interject a dose of reality.

The world is about to end!

Why do I say that? You all are happy campers with balmy weather. San Diego is expecting rain tomorrow. Lots of it (lots for us, anyway).

If you see four gentlemen on horses approaching, kiss your ass goodbye!


Even Duluth is a balmy 42. It’s nuts. Just a couple days ago I read an article on about how the cold this late in the season might delay shipping on the great lakes. Now, I’m thinking about stripping naked and jumping in Lake Superior to cool off.

It’s gonna be 58 this weekend! FIFTY-EIGHT! I am going to wear flip flops! (My feet will get covered in mud, I know.) I am going to go out without my coat! Yay!

I work in the Wells Fargo Center. Unfortunately, I’m trapped in a Continuing Legal Education class for the rest of the day, so I can’t get out and enjoy the heat wave. :frowning:

Hey! I’m up for that lunch, so long’s I can drive up from Shakopee. It’s where I work - I live in Robbinsdale. Hey, the spouse works in White Bear. It was the closest compromise we could get!


Actually, if we do this on Friday the 28th, we gotta do it at 11:00 AM sharp. At that time, hardly anyone is there.

Today at noon was a nuthouse.

The cool thing is that we don’t even need a reservation. I’ll just get a sign that says SDMB and commandeer some tables.

Q.N., you down?


YAY! Scouty has bad weather! Ya see, that’s what you get for liking cashews! Bwahahahahaha!