Is this protester putting us on?

Stumbled across this today:
The Neville Chamberlain reference makes me think this guy is protesting the protesters.

He is wearing what appears to be a snide smirk. I saw this picture on a conservative blog fairly recently, but they didn’t seem to think he knew what he was quoting. Now that I think about it, he may be putting them on.

Hehe, I like him. :slight_smile:

Heh, that sign says it all.

I don’t see that. I think you are reading want you want to into his expression.

After examining the picture again, the person holding the sign is behind it, so you can’t see his face at all. He has no expression.

Are we looking at the same picture?

(I’m looking at a fisheye lens photo of a crowd, in the forground is a yellow placard ‘PEACE IN OUR TIME’ - the snide smirk (indeed the entire visage) of the person (wearing a black jacket) holding the placard is obscured by the placard iteself.

Aye, but I was looking at the wrong person. I was looking at the man in brown to the right of the card wielder, thinking that was the man holding the card.