Is this real? Underwater jet launch

Or is it just a launch of a missle from a submarine with the image of a jet superimposed over the missle?

Obviously fake for a number of reasons, only the most obvious of which are:

  1. The behavior of the projectile is exactly that of a sub-launched missile, most nobably the slight pause between breach and full ignition of the rocket motor.

  2. Jets don’t leave rocket exhaust plumes in their wake.

  3. The overlayed fake jet image is clearly an F-15. As far as I know, they haven’t yet released the underwater variant :wink: (For countless technical reasons, there is no way you could even submerse one in seawater without damage, let alone attempt to “launch” one that way.)

  4. While capable of ballistic flight (straight up) because of favorable thrust-to-weight ratios, even the most powerful military jets would be unlikely to manage a “launch” straight into the air from a standstill. Control would be next to impossible until sufficient airspeed was reached.

Well, there’s always this.

It’s faked: if you pace through it, you can see where they make the substitution.

It’s faked. If you look closely, you can see it’s a Navy jet. Currently, the only operating underwater air base Is the Air Force and Air National Guard base under Lake Caddo, Texas.

And everyone knows that the only real underwater plane is the Harrier. :slight_smile: