Is this really an OCXO for $135?

Is this thing really an Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator, in a DIP through-hole package, for $135?

Here’s its datasheet at the manufacturer’s web site:
It’s on this page of DigiKey’s catalog, in the OCXO box almost halfway down on the right:

I think of OCXO’s as being bigger than a baseball and at least a few hundred dollars. Am I out of touch with today’s fast and cheap lifestyles?

Datasheet says it can handle operating in an environment up to 70 °C. If this is a complete OCXO, it has an oven, and the oven operates at over 70 if it can regulate its temperature with an environment of 70. How can such a small part have an oven inside that hot? I guess if it’s got evacuated walls and low emissivity parts, it might be able to. I see there standoffs on the bottom; maybe that’s to provide thermal isolation?

Or could it have a heat pump, so it doesn’t have to be hotter than its environment?

I am afraid this might just be an oscillator that is designed for use inside an oven, without the oven itself. It wouldn’t be quite right to say they’re selling an OCXO if so.

Anybody know?

It’s just a crystal in a box with a resistor and a temp sensor with feedback regulator. Pretty basic, actually.

I’d guess it’s more than that, if it normally draws 300mA (from the datasheet). Sounds like there could be some sort of micro-oven in there, given a 1.5W power supply requirement. Simpler TCXOs tend to draw only a few mA.

“a resistor and a temp sensor with feedback regulator” probably equals “some sort of micro-oven in there”.

But you’re right, Arjuna34! A TCXO, or an XO intended to be placed into some oven, aren’t going to draw any 300 mA. It has to be an OCXO, just a small one. The part of it that is at temp could be pretty tiny, and they could have pulled a vacuum on it to get rid of air conduction heat transfer. This thing must be a complete OCXO.

And that’s Digikey’s single piece cost. Order 1k and you are getting down toward $75 each. I work for a Digikey competitor. Unfortunately we aren’t franchised for Connor-Winfield, but I’m willing to bet that Digikey, even at the $75 resale, isn’t offering that at slim margins.