Is this really true about Pope Francis?

I realize this news story, assuming it’s true, is being overshadowed by much bigger stories, but I heard earlier today that he thought his mike was off and dropped an Italian F-bomb!

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If so, I like this guy more than ever. I’m not Catholic but I am Christian. It makes him, well, more human than ever!

Remember when Joe Biden did the same thing? I pointed out at a meetup a few days later that had he done that just a couple months earlier, he would have had to deal with his mother.


My understanding is that he slightly mispronounced an Italian word which changed it from something appropriate to the slang equivalent of fuck.

Like pronouncing can’t so it comes out cunt, that’s it.

His mic was definitely on. The words for “case” and “cock” are close. He basically said something like, “and this is the [del]cock[/del], case.”

Yeah, it was a mispronunciation, apparently a pretty common one to non-native speakers. He meant to say “caso,” case or example, but said “cazzo,” which is cock or fuck, depending on use.

Somehow, vada a bordo, caso doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. :smiley:

He also immediately caught himself, did a brief pause, then corrected himself with the right word.

ETA: Of course, there were stories in ALL the media about this. Example: Washington Post story.

More ETA: And this link which furthermore (if you read the whole article) shows the actual transcript (translated into English) of his statement, and down at the end, shows it in the original Italian too. ETA: AND includes the video.

Anyone who’s a bouncer & a thief is bound to throw an f-bomb or two (even if it was a ‘speak-o’).
I’m not Catholic, but I like these stories; show’s he’s human & cuts out the “why bother, I’m not pious like the Pope” excuse.

“I love you fuckers!”