Is this scamming Best Buy? Monopoly Game and postage...

So I’m reading the side of my McDonalds bag and I see that everytime I send a SASE to the game piece request address, I will get 2 game pieces and at least a dollar in Best Buy bucks. So I’m thinking, if I spend the $.74 cents sending, say, 100 envelopes, I could find myself gaining $26 in free goods from Best Buy. In Vermont, says the website, I wouldn’t even have to do return postage, which would mean a 52 cents/dollar gain on my efforts.

What am I missing here? Why isn’t everyone jumping on the chance to get 26% off on BB?

52…63 right next to each other on the num pad…

I would assume that each SASE has to be sent separately.

Well, true, FairyChatMom, but that’s what sj2 is saying. For the 37-cents cost of the stamp to send the SASE, plus the 37-cents for the stamp on the SASE (total of 74-cents), you get a minimum $1 (26-cents gain, without taking into account the cost of the envelopes) in Best Buy Bonus bucks. Personally, I don’t see anything unethical about taking advantage of such an offer, so I say go for it. It’s a calculated risk on the part of Best Buy, and I’m sure their marketing folks have down a cost/benefit analysis.

That’s surely the case, Mayfield. They figure that very few people are going to take the trouble to send off lots and lots of envelopes to the game piece request address, and they’re surely right: they do these promotions often enough that they pretty much know what’s going to happen ahead of time.

sj2, I’d say anyone who’s willing to spend their time this way should enjoy the benefits with a clear conscience. At least now you can use your computer and printer to print the letters requesting game pieces, and the envelopes to mail them in. With that and self-stick postage stamps, you can probably make more than minimum wage this way.

Nope. The rules say (bolding mine):

They go on to say that mechanically reproduced requests won’t be honored. So basically you’ll still make money, just less of it.

From here.

You know, you’d only be making 26 cents on the dollar, and you wouldn’t be getting anything useful (such as, say, french fries) in return. Also, you would have to buy envelopes, which, okay, is only maybe 2 cents per envelope. So it’d be closer to 20 cents on the dollar, which simply isn’t worth my writing out that many envelopes. One would make out better with eating the fries, which would constitute a meal, and would cost far under a dollar after you consider the cost of the best buy buck.