Is this Strange Phonecall A Threat? Full Audio Attached! What Should I do?

Fun part first:

So during the last perhaps 6 weeks, my family has gotten a few calls from this rather disturbed individual all around 3AM-4AM. All the calls follow a pattern: at first, it sounds like perhaps he is just some angry neighbor with a noise complaint (preface: not our neighbor, but a neighbor of a house we own, which he refers to from time to time). Except the ‘noise complaint’ is irrational for any number of reasons (i.e. last time he said that someone was playing “graveyard creep music out of speakers in the window pointed at him”. His diction is particularly odd, he mixes sentences and phrases in illogical ways, which seems indicative of some sort of mental issue. For instance, in the new message he says “you’ve got your noise pollution going on” or a better example “its a form of persecution and it will not go unchallenged”. Notice how the phrasing of these things (there are even better examples too, but they escape me, needless to say theres something odd about the way he attempts to connect words and phrases) seems off? He also never wants to discuss the problem, just likes rambling about it incoherently.

So after talking about noise, the caller consistently starts rambling about jews (we are indeed jewish, as to how the caller knows this is absolutely a mystery), the bible, the holocaust etc. Gradually the conversations degrades into quasi-threats and incoherent nonsense.

The last few times, this morning included, I’ve dialed the ‘call trace’ sequence on my phone immediately after the call. My understanding of this feature is that the phone company is then able to figure out who is calling (but will only provide that info to the cops).

So can anyone provide any insight into what we’re dealing with here or how we should proceed? Being a student, I’ve always been awake for the calls, but he is sometimes waking other people in the house, and definitely creaping us out (he knows where we live, he knows random stuff about us, he is either mentally ill or a terrific actor, and he won’t stop calling us).

Oh and re: noise complaints, while I can’t categorically rule them out, having talked to the guy, I’m confident he’s off his rocker, and that any rational angry neighbor would sound very very different (also we have a handful of tenants and they are all very conservative young professionals, either doctors, lawyers or one ceo, not the late-night ‘graveyard music crowd’.

If I’ve left anything else out please let me know (oh and we think he got our number from an ‘apt for rent’ sign).

If we goto the police, what might they do?

I can’t speak for your laws seeing as you live in Toronto, but I’d call the cops, definitely. I’d have called after the first one. Creepy stuff.

I did, by the way, download the file. It creeped me out just listening to it. Nutjob.


If that is real, that is really, really, creepy. The calls the killers in horror movies always make to their victims before they kill them? Not nearly as creepy.

I don’t know what the police can or will do, but good for you recording and tracing the call. Show them that and go from there.

You might want to check your local laws, here in the U.S., in some states, it’s illegal to tape someone w/o their knowledge.
I doubt there’s much the police can do unless he’s made some specific threat. It would probably be a good idea to have a report on file though, in the event this continues, or becomes more serious.

when we don’t pickup, he likes to leave messages :slight_smile: No illegal taping was involved.

I would have to agree that he has not made any specific threat, but he has made a number of hateful comments about our religion, which is generally a big no-no. Combine that with the fact thats its always at an obscene time, that he is targetting us very specifically, and that the last call does start to mention him or god taking specific action.

Does it sound strange that I don’t want to listen to the call? I don’t know xiix, and it somehow seems almost an invasion of privacy to listen.

I don’t know anybody here, and prefer it that way, and listening to somebody’s creepy calls just doesn’t seem right to me.

Opinions on my reticence are welcome.

Yes, it sounds like you are a perfect saint for not “invading” the privacy of a person who posted a clip on the internet with a link asking people to listen to it and I’m glad you let us all know that you refrained from clicking it, lest we never know the true scope of your sainthood.

Crucifixions are down the hall and to the left, one cross each.

look dude, it aint a saint thing, I just am not comfortable with listening audio phone clips posted by a perfect stranger. If you would like to take this up in the fucking Pit, no prob.

I made a questioning post. That is all.

Oh, I thought you said opinions on your reticence were welcome. Apparently we have a different definition of “welcome”.

I would love to pit you, but I’m washing my hair tonight. Sorry!

Snarky bullshit is welcome too, I guess, but you damn well knew that wasn’t my point.

That is indeed creepy. There was definite menace in the voice towards the end.

Strange pronunciation of “God” - almost sounded Irish. Or is that just a Toronto accent?

IMO, the “directed at Heath Street” comment, which is completely illogical, indicate a persecutional nature to his persecution complex, and the irrational references to Judaism too.

My only expertise is from having known a few, and I defer to those with better knowledge, but I’d say the poor guy has schizoid tendencies. Not that his being a “poor guy” should prevent you from contacting your local law enforcement with a big load of (legitimately obtained) answering machine messages.

Oh, and my opinion on Klaatu’s reticence: that’s a really weird reaction.

Well, jjimm, after being here so long, I don’t really care to hear anybody’s personal shit, whether it be prank/creepy phone calls, what meds your on, what psychosis you have, how pretty your cat is, how much you weigh, or whatever, and on reflection, I apologize for taking this thread off track, and to any mods who will say to chill out.

Again, apologies.

Well, the obvious question is whether or not you do in fact live on Alvin Avenue.

To be honest, it sounds a lot like acting acting. When he says “I take it you are a Jew. You aren’t a good one”, doesn’t sound right. Regardless, you ought to be taking this seriously. Contact with the police is in order. If you have a friend that you think might be capable of pulling a joke like this, I’d mention how freaked out you are and that you are going to the police.

Alvin avenue is the street that we own an investment property on. This individual most likely found the phonenumber he is calling via a ‘For Rent’ sign. Actually that reminds me, one thing that creeped us out originally was that the ‘For Rent’ sign was taken down a number of weeks prior to the first phonecall. So this lunatic theoretically kept our number for a significant period of time before starting to harass us.

There was something weird about the metre of the voice in the recording - almost as if it was a recording that had been cut up and reassembled, or perhaps was just being read from a script.

Your phone company should be able to furnish the police with the caller’s details. Even if it’s a hoax or a joke, calling the police isn’t at all inappropriate and this guy deserves a visit from the cops.

I got this vibe also.

I should say though, that If it’s been edited, I don’t think it would have been benign at the start. It sounds like whole phrases have been cut and pasted intact.

It could just be the mannerisms of the caller, or nerves, or anything else.

Regarding the cut-and-paste vibe, google “soundboard” - apparently some people get a kick out of making prank calls using prerecorded “lines” (from media, etc.) that can be mixed up and replayed. Considering some specific references, this might not be taken from another media source; maybe it was pre-recorded to keep from laughing/forgetting the “lines” during the call.

I think you meant ‘reluctance.’