Is this Tea Party documentary real?

This is the trailer on Youtube.

FreedomWorks and Red State are sponsoring it, so it isn’t satire. Or is The Onion punking FW and RS? Or is it that I’m so partisan that I cannot see the hard-hitting truth of this “documentary”. Yeah, I put the irony quotes around the word ‘documentary’.

Someone tell me: Is this an extremely deadpan mockumentary or a movie that should be taken seriously?

Poe’s Law

If Glen Beck attended a class called “Documentaries and Me”, Tea Party might be the result :wink:

Well, to be fair, Congress was threatening to close the best Super Wal*Mart in the Tri-State area, so they did have something to get worked up about.

I like how they found the one black guy that I noticed in the whole crowd to show his side. Is he Steele’s cousin or something?

To answer the OP, beyond the voice over I didn’t really see much that felt like it was fake.

It looks completely serious to me. The narration by the cut-rate, imitation Don LaFontain doesn’t help, but yes, it is definitely real.

I do think that the DVD is going to be bought and taken seriously by conservative true believers - and wild-eyed liberals laughing their fool heads off.

Thanks for the link.

In the same vein, SCTV once attempted to parody the then-popular TV show Laverne & Shirley. They failed. No matter how broadly they played it, no matter how ridiculous they made it, the end result just looked like a typical episode of Laverne & Shirley.

Poe’s Law needs a corollary that some things are, due to their very nature, immune from parody and satire.

I refuse to believe this is “real” in the sense that the makers believe anything they are saying, any more than the sellers of Barack Obama commemorative plates believe that they are somehow honoring the president. I think it’s a cash-in attempt, and will probably do OK as such. Someone figured they could make a doc on the cheap and sell a couple ten thousand copies.