Is this the real deal?

Interesting, I have been trolling the web since Compuserve days; and if my memory serves me correctly the first time I have come across this site!
I have a general misliking of stupidity, not that im smarter than everyone else. I just listen more often. :dubious:

I’m not sure what you’re asking, but THE STRAIGHT DOPE was started by Cecil Adams in 1973 as a weekly (later syndicated) column in the CHICAGO READER. Cecil has been writing one column a week ever since, answering all sorts of questions. You can learn more by going to “Who is Cecil Adams?” from our Home Page.

Most of the past columns can be read in our Archives, where you can select randomly or by date or search on keywords.

And then we have discussions here on the Message Boards.

So, yeah, we’re the real deal. And I hope that you’re using the term “trolling” in the fishing sense and not in the annoying sense :wink: Welcome!


Is this the real deal?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide,
No escape from reality …

… I’m just a poor boy :wink:

I need no sympathy!!! :mad:

Because I’m easy come, easy go…

slightly elevated
slightly depressed

At least this one admits it! :smiley:

Don’t mind us, man-usual price of initiation here (yes I went through it too).

Hey, I was on compuserve too.

Compuserve, Class of 1994