Is this the season with the worst losers in modern MLB history?

There are currently 2 teams that have 100+ losses and several others that are only a few games from 100. This is the worst set of losers I can remember in quite some time. Is it the worst set of losers ever though?

You only have to go back to 2003. Not only were there four 100-game losers, but there were two in a single division.

Tampa Bay 55-106
Detroit 55-106
Milwaukee 56-106
Kansas City 62-100

And three teams with 95 losses or more:

San Diego 66-96
Baltimore 67-95
Chicago Cubs 67-95

Besides 2008 and 2003, there were at least 3 other seasons when two teams lost 100 games, but none of these are recent:

In 1909 the AL Washington Senators (42-110) and the NL Boston Rustlers (45-108). Two other NL teams lost 98 games.

In 1911 the AL St. Louis Browns (107-45) and the NL Rustlers again (107-44).

In 1939 the AL Browns again (111-43) and the NL Philadelphia Phillies (106-45). The same year the Philadelphia Athletics lost 97 games. A bad year to be a baseball fan in Philly.

Your standings are actually from 2002.

Oops. You’re right.