Is this the wrongest thing ever?

All the fun of plunging into the icy North Atlantic!

They actually had one of these in a park here in my neighborhood. It was truly bizarre to watch kids sliding down into the waves.

As long as it doesn’t blare Celine Dion during your water adventure, I’m okay with it.

Next up: the Hindenburg skydiving party! All the fun of bursting into flames in mid-air and plummeting from dizzying heights, without the inconvenience of sudden death!

Does it come in Hindenburg?

Get out of my mind!

(It’s crowded here in the gutter, there’s no room…)

WTC Bungee Jump?

Ho-lee Krap.

Incredibly bad taste, even though the disaster was almost a century ago.

In a few years will we have the Donner Party Snack Bar ride? The 9-11 Twin Towers o’ Doom slide? The Murrah Federal Building Blow-Up bouncy dome? Ugh.

I’m holding out for the 2004 Tsunami Wave Pool and the Hurricane Katrina Floating House Water Adventure myself. I really love the water.

[sarcasm]What’s the big deal? It is commemorating the movie, not the disaster. Sheesh, you people.[/sarcasm]

You would have enjoyed Alferd Packer Days. Lots of ribs dripping BBQ sauce… Very classy, it was.

I think it’s pretty funny.

Me too.*
*No offense to any surviving Titanic victims who may be reading this board, of course.

Second wrongest thing ever. :confused:

They have a disaster fetish, it seems.

Casey the Trackless Train (Warning! MIDI!)

Remember, kids! “Tragedy + Time = FUN.”

How do those kids not get nightmares from their entertainment?! Or is that the point?

That Titanic one is bad enough, but that doggy one is really disturbing.

See, THAT’S the part I think is the wrongest thing ever (okay, not ever). Somehow I find it worse that it “commemorates” a movie instead of the obvious historical event. Really? It’s like a children’s game commomorating Schindler’s List instead of the Holocaust. (That doesn’t count as Godwinizing, see, 'cause I was posting about a movie, not the historical deaths of millions of people.) :rolleyes:

We need some sort of Saving Private Ryan dodge ball game.

Oh, man. Lollerskates. Need a roommate in hell?

My mouth is hanging open and I can’t shut it. That thing’s surely a send-up, right?