Is this type of thread unsuitable for the Dope?

Czarcasm closed the 'Info on "Does anyone know what this is?" thread, with the word ‘Enough’.

I wanted to post in there to say that the subject of that thread Starring_Emma gave me the best laught I’ve had in ages with her thread. Sure, she was winding us up - but that was perfectly obvious, and done with absolutely no malice. OK, it was trivial, but does that matter?

The Dope has - or had - a long history of funny threads of dubious veracity. This sort of thing seems to be disapproved of more and more nowadays. Obviously, one person’s ‘funny’ is another’s ‘stupid’ or ‘boring’, but surely the church here is broad enough to accomodate all types?

Czarcasm said

I’m not really discussing the closing of the second thread, nor do I wish to pit anyone. I’m really just wondering whether there some types of threads - like Starring_Emma’s original one - that should be considered as unsuitable for the Dope.

I don’t think it was that the thread was unsuitable, just that it’s a repost from numerous other message boards under the same user name, except on some of the other boards, they weren’t playing coy about the subject. I have doubts as to whether it’s even original.

Game, set, and match. Of course the thread should have been closed.

The only possible debate is over whether she should have been banned. I vote yes. Bringing in fake garbage from other sites has always been a banning offence. How could it not be now?

Those threads are not suitable for the Dope. Take them elsewhere.

If she’s a troll why has she not been banned?

At the time, I wasn’t aware that she had posted it elsewhere. I hadn’t seen it before, and, as I said, it brightened my day, so I was pleased to read it.

But I don’t get the upset and anger. It’s just one light hearted thread. It’ll quickly disappear, as they all do. There’s so much righteous indignation here about stuff that really isn’t worth it.

What difference does it make that it was posted elsewhere anyway? Lots of questions in GQ are posted elsewhere, videos populate multiple sites. Do amusing threads have to live here only? The only difference I suppose is that not every other board has stickupthearsesmartestboardontheinternetitis (don’t ask what it is, medical advice is frowned upon). This is becoming the place where funny threads come to die.

C’mon, you’ve been here long enough to know the nose of the camel theory. If one person slips one thing under the tent, then a dozen others will want to do so and go even farther and will loudly use the “but Mom they did it” defense. Better to clamp down on the first example before it becomes a precedent.

If you’re referring to me, I have, and I do. But my point is that I would prefer the Dope to cover all bases. I don’t think that we’d be overwhelmed by that sort of thread. To exclude that, you’d have to get rid of ‘Masturbating like a mother fuck’, or ‘The fear of blimps’ and all the other inconsequential, but eminently readable threads. The masterly would disappear with the dross. And that’s the point: out of the thousands of threads here, most are feathers in the wind; but some are memorable.

I’ve had this sort of discussion before (hello Marley23 :)), and I may be in the minority, but I like my daily dose of the Dope to include topics that will make me think, to educate me, to allow me to share views - and yes, to be entertained.

I’m grouchy. That thread was funny.

That thread was stupid. “Tee-hee, look, it’s a picture of something that is penis-shaped, but I’m going to pretend it’s not penis-shaped, tee-hee-hee!” sounds like something a high-school freshman would think was hilarious, which is unsurprising, since it was posted by a high-school freshman. And all of the bullshit about how it was found in Grampa’s attic, blah blah, didn’t make it any more hilarious.

The OPs of “Fear of blimps” and “Masturbating like a mother fuck” weren’t trolling us by posting a bunch of fake crap just to get people going, which is a pretty big difference IMO.

I’m dopey. Agreed.

There are endless threads here relating to all things sexual, and most aren’t exactly highbrow. And as I said before, humour is in the eye of the beholder

But is it important enough for all this anger?

What anger? We’re just swatting an annoying fly.

The poster is holding herself out to be a 14 year old girl. We’re trying to counsel her to get better behavior; we’re giving her the benefit of the doubt. This may or may not be successful.

In the original thread I see no counselling. Just the OP, some mainly long time posters and a mod having fun. As far as I can see, at the time they were all enjoying themselves. Then came the second thread: mainly jocular, but with ‘this has been posted elsewhere’, and 'you’re lying, and ‘we don’t like that here’ - mainly from one poster. Is that the counselling?

Of what? Being a troll? Being castigated for ‘lying’, of not being original?

Not all counseling is held in public and you don’t always see what we say to people.

I’m not directly involved in this situation but that was my understanding, that this poster was being talked to.

What was the official reason for the banning? Trolling?

She was ‘being talked to’. Would this mean that she was being advised that what she did is against board rules, and that she was banned because she refused to agree?

You need to send an email, of course.

But I will say that apparently even 14 year olds are capable of living under bridges. :slight_smile: