Is this unstoppable?

In my area they post Covid news and part of this is showing which nursing home and assisted living facilities have reported cases. Remember, these are the most vulnerable people. They also have the tightest rules.

They are STILL seeing new cases!

I mean if a nursing home cant stop the disease from coming in what hope would say a school or a business have?

Why would you think they have the tightest rules? Too few people taking care of far too many people for little money, a very shitty schedule and little to no health insurance, owned and run by people that got where they are by being able to successfully cover up discrepancies. These are places that have decades of experience playing (at most) lip service to rules.

There’s a difference between unstopped and unstoppable.

Taiwan had seven Covid19deaths. Iceland had ten. New Zealand had twenty-four. Vietnam had thirty-five.

Mass deaths were not inevitable.

Do those ‘tight rules’ include not allowing staff to work in more than one facility, during the pandemic? That was the driver where I live. They are paid so poorly they almost all have part time hours at two or more facilities.

That one detail makes the potential for spread skyrocket, and among THE most vulnerable population.

In my province, they were so understaffed the government sent in armed forces personnel to support them. Only to be informed of dangerous protocols and unhealthy conditions, by those workers. The Provincial government has since taken over several facilities and is considering disallowing ‘for profit’ nursing homes.

Tightest rules, you say?

I feel like posting that comment thread to a link is a little bit of a shiat-post, however, I am a little disappointed that this situation happened, wasn’t stopped at many check points along the way, and isn’t a bigger issue.