Is This Weapon Real?

Is the flying guillotine a real weapon? Seems like it would be really inaccurate and clunky but who knows. Wikipedia seems to think it is but I have my doubts.

THe movie is featured in Master of the Flying Guillotine. Hence, me putting the post in Cafe Society.

I doubt it. Too complicated for real action, when there are so many other ways to kill that are so much simpler.

nope, just a made up weapon for a hilarious movie. Seriously, Master of the Flying Guillotine is hilarious.

Like Extending Extremities Guy? :smiley:

Master of the Flying Guillotine trailer.

So… you’re attacking someone with a tethered bee-keeper’s hat?

Wow. They made a movie about that ? In my day, it was just a wacky Feng Shui weapon (or was it *Exalted *? So many RPGs, so few neurons left…)