Is this website offensive?

The racially mixed office that I’m in loved it, but when I shared it with others, the response was sort of muted. Could that be proving the web site’s point? That whites aren’t quite sure how to act and go out of their way, with often silly results, to prove they aren’t racists?

Mildly amusing. I don’t think there’s any egregious harm done by this website.

The page of letters was a little depressing. The positive ones were nice, but some of those negative ones were so ignorant. There were two kinds, the ones from extremely uptight humorless people and the ones from people who don’t understand the whole “joke” concept.

This is great. When I saw the title of the thread I thought of posting a link to that site and then asking if anyone thought that was offensive.

Great minds must think alike.

I’ll be over here raising the roof quietly to show that I thought it was funny.

I saw it the other day and thought it was kind of funny. I certainly don’t find it offensive, but then again, I recognized it as a joke immediately. Unfortunately many newer internet users don’t recognize the subtle kind of humour that is the joke - but we’re not going to come outright and tell you it’s a joke - website.

Which is why I sometimes get hate mail over my Art I Hate ( ) and Not a Goth ( ) webpages.

I imagine anyone sending Hate Mail to that site is the same person/kind of person who thought Bonsai Kitten was a legitimate website and that they were serious about cramming kittens into glass jars and supergluing their rear ends shut.

I’d have to say that its funny based on nothing more than this picture. hangman

Content, no.
Construction and format, yes.

Eh. I found it more stupid than anything else.

Concerning the larger point “only someone lacking in humor could be offended”, I view those sites being somewhat similar to BBQ Pit parodies that seemed to be quite the fashion for some time. If I start a Pit rant saying “Gays should all be killed” or “Catholics are a bunch of morons”, if you don’t know that I’m riffing on someone else’s post, why would you find that amusing? There’s plenty of people on the Internet who say those things in all seriousness.

P.S. Not that the site has anything really offensive on it.

I think it is absolutely hysterical! It should be required reading for many of the offenderati in the Pit since it’s THEM the site brilliantly rips the piss out of, not blacks.

Great job.

They prefer the term “Offendus-Americans”.

Tis a top site, unfortunatly the internet does happen to be full of people woh either fly-off-the-handle or spot a bandwagon and feel obliged to jump aboard.
I found myself getting a bit of hate mail from the rambling (poncy country walking groups) societies for something i had written, so I thought it would be approriate to provide them with an abuse eggnogg section, which the inconsiderate buggers wont use.

egg (can find a plug anywhere)

I think that site is hilarious! I’m cracking up like mad over here. I think people who are offended by this need a sense of humor check, but that’s just my opinion.


Offensive? No.

Stupid? Sure. But that’s just me.

It’s kinda…eh.

But then, I just hope the hate mailers don’t see Black Jesus.
Ho boy!

I think it’s pretty funny (especially the pictures) and not offensive at all. Probably helps that I know a few "Johnny & Sally"s, though.

LOL, me too. It’s the first site I thought of when I saw the thread title.

My favorite is the picture of them playing Pictionary. “Sally just can’t get it!”

Not offensive. Mildly funny.

I found it funny. I’m sure that some people somewhere are offended though, as it deals with humor and race and some people feel they MUST be offended when those two elements are combined.

I’m really white, and black people love me too.